Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYPD Shooting: Fake fuel to fire up a race war?

When I first heard about the NYPD shooting on the news, I was immediately suspicious, as I always am whenever the media touts something 24/7. You can be sure whenever they do that it's because it fits an ongoing agenda. It may be fake, it may be real, but it serves the agenda of whoever it is that decides what we see on the news. Important stories happen every day, but some things get covered and others don't. It's obvious to me that whoever decides what's going to be on the news these days wants to increase the tension between police and protesters, or they wouldn't be waving this in everyone's face.

First off, there's the race of the officers. There are plenty of lily-white guys on the NYPD. But this guy, who clearly wanted to make a political statement, shoots an Asian and a Latino. Why? Once again, there is no video of the actual killing, which you would expect from a dash cam or something, wouldn't you? I also noted that on every news channel I have cable access to (CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS) they used an unusual term describing the killing -- "assassination." Whenever they do that, you know there was something coordinated beforehand, agreeing on specific language to be used. They did the same thing with the term "shelter in place." All Hell seemed to be breaking loose in Boston just after the supposed bombing, and all three news stations were using that particular term that I don't ever remember hearing before that event.

Anyway, I saw the widow of the Latino cop come on the air just after someone made a statement in Spanish. She spoke in English with a definite Spanish accent. But when someone asked her to translate what she just said into Spanish, she couldn't do it and someone else did it for her. That seemed strange to me as well, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But now I hear that both cops were involved in a live terrorism drill at the time of the shooting. And then there's the case of the Magical Shoelaces. Max Malone caught the fact that the shooter took a "selfie" of his blood spattered leg upon arriving in NYC, and he wasn't wearing shoelaces. In later photos, when his dead body was loaded onto an ambulance, he was wearing shoelaces! So, either the guy suddenly decided to put on shoelaces sometime after arriving in NYC and before killing himself, or this whole thing is a phony staged hoax just like a dozen or so hoaxes we've seen over the last few years. An evil hoax designed to rally hatred between cops and the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Just saw this article on Twitter: BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Cop Killer Worked For Alleged Muslim Terror Front Group

Here's a video from ProfessorDoom1:

UPDATE: Here's some more info from Joe Biggs:

*** UPDATE ***
This guy has done a lot of good work on the NYPD shooting. Just thought I'd throw one of his videos up here.

Joe Cocker at Woodstock (video)

When people channel spirit from the heart it's something you can hear and see. That's what Joe Cocker does here:

For all my friends in the truth movement, thank you. Together, we'll get by.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sydney Hostage Hoax (video)

Video from Redsilverj's channel.

When I first saw this on the news, it was immediately obvious to me that it was a false flag. First of all, the American media rarely cares about stuff that goes on in other countries, unless it's connected to something I already know is fake, like "ISIS." CNN ran with this story all day, conveniently ditching the embarrassing Torture Report. Of course, this hostage taking was done right across the street from Channel 7, who did all the reporting on it (remember how I connected a lot of fake stuff with one of the Illuminati's favorite numbers?).

The timing was interesting, seeing that the event took place on the second anniversary of the (hardly mentioned by the mainstream media) Sandy Hook School Shooting. It also turns out, unsurprisingly to me, that this was done at the exact location of an earlier drill:

Activist Post: 5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the 'Sydney Siege'

If I don't get a chance to post again until then, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Peace on Earth, goodwill to men.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's talk about Sandy Hook

We're coming up on the 2nd anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting, which I'm convinced is a hoax. No children were killed. The shooter is a fabrication, or maybe he's just his own older brother.
Here is the link to the much anticipated, and probably the most highly censored video on the Internet: We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook.
I admit I haven't had time to see the whole thing, but it comes highly recommended from people I have grown to trust. If you don't have time for that, here's another video of the guy that caused me to question the entire event in the first place:

And here's a video comparing a friend of the shooter, Adam Lanza, with the sister of ISIS "victim" James Foley.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

These days, they move apocalyptically (music video)

I could rant on about the torture report, I guess. There was nothing that surprised me about it, except for the fact that it was released in the first place. And I didn't know about the rectal feeding (I wasn't aware that anyone could be fed rectally ... I mean seriously, does that actually work?). I also think it's interesting the CIA paid this SOB eighty million dollars to design the torture program. Imagine how many people you could feed with eighty million dollars. But no, that tax-payer money was spent on something they now admit doesn't work. Except it DID work. It got confessions out of people, which is precisely what torture is used for. But now, the 9-11 confessions are suspect. Well, anyway, time's up on my computer, so I have to go ...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

We're at a turning point in history

[I wrote this about twelve years ago, when I was still thinking like a graduate student. If you don't mind hearing a non-expert spout off on a somewhat academic subject, this is one of my more thoughtful essays ...]

I posit that the Western World has evolved from a right-brained, holistic/directly-connected worldview to a left-brained, linear/abstract worldview over the last few millennia, and now we're spiraling back again.

I'm sure most of you here have heard about the research done on the two separate hemispheres of the human brain, and what make them different. In most people, when you anesthetize the left hemisphere only, they develop aphasia - the inability to talk. If you anesthetize the right hemisphere only, they will be able to speak just fine (though half their brain is asleep). However, they will have great difficulty solving spatial problems such as putting together a puzzle. In a tiny minority, the functions of these hemispheres are reversed. However, it is clear that we humans have a sort of "split brain," each half of which has become highly specialized at a certain type of thinking.

We know from split-brain studies and from studies on people with damage to one side of the brain that the left brain houses most of our linguistic, logical, and analytic ability, while the right brain specializes in artistic, spatial, and pattern-matching ability. I personally look upon the left brain as the "rational mind" and the right brain as the "creative mind."

Below is a list I've compiled on what I would categorize as being the respective realms of the left and right brain:

Left : Right
Linear : Holistic
Separation : Unity
Deduction : Induction
Domino effect : Crystallization effect
Incremental change : Sudden systemic change
Predictable : Unpredictable
Compartmentalization : Imagination
Particle : Wave
Individualism : Collectivism
Isolated connections : Universal connections
Categorizing : Pattern-matching
Structures in a vacuum : Structures integrally connected
One possibility : Infinite possibilities
Language : Music

I know from my studies in Artificial Intelligence that it is far easier for a computer to replicate the workings of the left brain because it works much like a computer does - it follows a linear, causal train of thought and comes up with a single solution - the correct solution. It views the world in terms of goals to be reached and problems to be solved. It then isolates each problem into a specified framework, breaks it down into its logical elements and follows a well-ordered path through each of these elements to determine a solution. What's more, a computer can do this several orders of magnitude faster than a human being can - which is why we're now seeing a computer world chess champion. But try asking that same computer to interpret your tone of voice or recognize your mother when she walks into the room! Progress is being made in these kinds of areas, but not using the left-brained approach of following a causal chain of logical rules.

Stephen Covey, author of the best-selling book the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", has a great way of describing the difference between leadership and management. Management is the quality that will find the best, most efficient way to cut a path through the forest. Leadership is the quality that climbs the highest tree, surveys the terrain, and says, "wrong forest!" Of course our Western, rational, left-brained thinking is tops in management. But do you ever get the feeling we spend all our energy developing the fastest, most efficient path to nowhere?

Despite the immense importance of the creative aspects of the right brain, they are desperately undervalued in Western culture, and have been for centuries. If we look at the historical trend all our systems of representation (including our own language!) we find an ever-increasing shift towards abstraction, increased importance of order, and increased isolation of each individual bit of information. For example, our "writing" system used to be pretty much just to draw what we wanted to communicate, e.g.: cave paintings. We advanced to ideograms: shorthand, stylized icons representing particular words or concepts. Obviously, some of the meaning was lost ... you could write the symbols for "big ugly bearded warrior" but you couldn't convey exactly what he looked like the way you could with a drawing. On the other hand, you could be precise about what you wanted to convey, there was a common understanding of what each symbol meant, you could communicate a lot more quickly and you didn't have to be the world's best artist to get the point across ... just specially educated (need I mention that increased specialization is also a characteristic of left-brained thinking?).

Eventually we progressed to hieroglyphs: pictures that represented syllables in a word rather than the word itself. While this made symbols even further removed from the concept they represented, it made writing much easier and more efficient. Finally we arrived at the alphabet. Now we have a system wherein only 26 symbols can communicate whatever it is we can say with words (though we lose the right-brained trait of tonal inflection).

Of course, all of this is a very good thing. It'd be pretty tough for me to write this essay by drawing a picture, and I'd hate to try to type it on a keyboard designed for hieroglyphs. The point I want to make, though, is this type of process has been going on in nearly every avenue of Western thought for millennia, even in our language. Languages of the Western world - Indo-European languages - have always held a strong left-brained bias anyway. They force the speaker to view time linearly and to think in terms of cause and effect. For example, we express thoughts by using a subject acting out a predicate, e.g.: "The light flashed." But the light and the flash are the same thing. A Hopi would simply say, "Flash!" (read "the Aquarian Conspiracy" by Marilyn Ferguson)

Yet even among Indo-European languages, and most notably English itself, there has been a trend towards more abstraction, isolation of the effects of each word on one another, and an increasing importance on word order. Old English, like Latin and ancient Greek, was a highly inflected language. In inflected languages, each word, in and of itself, said a lot more about its role in the sentence than an isolated word in English does today. Just by looking at a word, you could see if it was the subject or the object, or if it described a bunch of masculine objects that belong to somebody. Remember taking French lessons where the word for "the" had to agree with whatever it was referring to? That's nothing compared to some of the most ancient inflected languages, where in each word you had to be mindful of whether you were describing the concept of "to" or "with", what specific number of objects you were describing, whether or not negation was involved ... and on and on ad infinitum. In these types of languages you often can plop the words down in any old way and still get the same meaning, because each word reflects its place in the sentence regardless of order. Also, each word had more influence on the structure of every other word in the sentence. They were integrally connected. On the other hand, most modern Indo-European languages (particularly English) are highly dependent on word order, and individual words can often be considered in isolation.

As a final example, consider our numerical notation. We used to draw pictures of cows to keep inventory of them. Then we progressed to tally marks, Roman numerals, and then Arabic numerals. We are now in which we've realized the ultimate in abstract notation - binary notation, 1's and 0's -- where order is supreme and each individual sign means almost nothing in and of itself. Gee, that sounds a lot like the dehumanization of the species, doesn't it? People are becoming more and more isolated, and less and less connected with their neighbors, feeling more and more like placeholders in a hierarchy.

While the left-brained thinking has freed the West from superstition and a great deal of ignorance and brought us the gifts of individualism and scientific method, its limitations are becoming all too clear. Science has finally conceded that we live in an uncertain world. Chaos theory shows that we cannot possibly determine the answer to everything. Perhaps we can perceive (right brain) the All, but we cannot know it in the left-brained way that we know 2+2=4. As science develops the new territories of quantum theory, systems theory, chaos theory and holographic supertheory, our society and scientific institutions are hopelessly backward and breaking down fast. In "Science, Order and Creativity" David Bohm laments the over-specialization of the sciences. "While most sciences are not as dominated by mathematics [as physics], the essential point is the spirit with which mathematics is done. Its general aim is to try to analyze everything into independent elements that can be dealt with separately. This encourages the hope that any problem can be split off into a separate fragment. [...] By concentrating on this sort of analysis and constantly splitting off problems into specialized areas, we increasingly ignore the wider context that gives things their unity. In fact, this spirit is now spreading beyond science, not only into technology, but into our general approach to life as a whole. Understanding is now valued as the means to predict, control, and manipulate things."

This is the limitation of management without leadership, of linear goal-seeking without reflection. It's becoming plain that logic and analysis are useful only to a certain point, and we've past it. The age of certainty has given way to the age of uncertainty. What do we do? The only thing there is to do. We must change. I believe web communities like Indymedia are harbingers of that change, and the current global crisis merely a symptom of its necessity.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Just a personal update ...

Yeah, I'm still here. Thought I'd post *something* to let people know I'm still alive, but to be honest I don't know what to write. This blog is called "what they don't tell you," and I can't stomach to even find out what they *are* telling you these days. I turn on the TV and I'm immediately compelled to turn it off again, because it's all lies 24/7, except maybe the weather, and that's just depressing.

Another fake beheading. I haven't looked into it, but that Palestinian hatchet job on a synagogue looks fake, too. Yeah, they would have to be Americans who were killed, wouldn't they? Sorry, three Americans and one Briton. Great for pulling the foreign attack dogs over to Israel's side. Let's throw in lots of propaganda of dancing Palestinians handing out candy, too. I remember when they pulled that old chestnut out during 9-11-01 -- only the *real* people dancing were Israelis in New York.

Sorry I'm so bored and disgusted with the same old slop I can't even be bothered to brave the elements to get to the library, because after a while one tends to just throw up their hands and say, what's the point? But some people just aren't there yet, and need convincing, so I'll try to keep up on the B.S. for their sake ... so here's a video about Manchurian Candidates from Matrix Decode (h/t: FreeRadioRevolution1). If you haven't seen the original film, you should ... it's pretty good and rather telling.


Speaking of the film "Manchurian Candidate" ... just saw this modern clip from the remake. Notice the picture of the Ebola virus on the right-hand side:

Friday, November 7, 2014

MKUltra, Britney Spears and Mind Control (video)

I can tell you from personal experience this stuff is absolutely real. If you don't believe me, just go visit Vigilant Citizen and browse through some of their stuff. There is way too much evidence the music industry and Hollywood are loaded with people like these. I have personally experienced many of the same things Barbara Hartwell speaks of in this video (I still live in a motel and have no car, no computer, etc.). I am constantly surrounded by people who act in suddenly psychotic ways, the way Britney reacted in the video. In fact the guy sitting kitty corner from me here at the library is doing a bunch of jerky, psychotic movements right now. I see this guy *all the time*. In fact, there are plenty of weird people who follow me all the time. I know how paranoid that sounds, but when you're "caught up in a web" that's the kind of madness you can expect. I don't think I've mentioned it on my blog, but I should mention that I have personally met "Cowboy Hat Man," -- Carlos Arredondo, the guy who later became quite famous as the hero of the Boston Marathon Bombing. This was back in 2007 in his capacity as a peace activist. I spent at least 15 minutes talking with him, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least that he is himself a victim of mind control. I found his intensity extremely disturbing.

Does this mean that I am somehow being used by the Illuminati? My answer to that is that maybe the "Illuminati" are in fact being used by an altogether higher, more loving force. I do believe in past lives, and I do believe I have definitely been used by these kind of greedy, evil bastards before. But the bad guys don't win this fight, people. There will always be such a thing as free will. All I can say is, don't mindlessly believe other people, not me or anyone else. Use your own discernment. I believe I am honestly trying to help people sort out what's real from the fake. But you don't need a middleman to tell you what's real. Take everything that I'm saying (and what everyone else is saying, for that matter) with a grain of salt -- your heart has a connection to the truth that goes beyond everything these evil bastards can "program" into anyone.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Million Mask March happening NOW!!!

#MillionMaskMarch and #MMM on Twitter
Remember, remember, the 5th of November ...
Life imitates art in London, and over 100 locations around the world. This scene was foretold in "V for Vendetta." According to RT, "demonstrators protest against austerity, mass surveillance and oppression."
Total media blackout by the BBC.
#Anonymous Scotland - 1000's at #MillionMaskMarch


US Capitol:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Don't mind me, I'm just filming this drill/false-flag ...

As a former broadcast journalism student, one thing I'm always mindful of (that others tend to miss) is the hidden presence of the cameraman. For example, whenever I watch adventure reality shows, while others focus on Bear Grylls or the whoever the front guys are, I'm always in awe of the cameraman, who has to clamber up the same dangerous cliffs and ford the same rivers with the added burden of getting a good shot. So whenever you watch footage from these "newsworthy events" always keep in mind that there's somebody there recording them. Then ask yourself ... does this make sense? Looks like dutchsince asked himself the same question ...

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hyped fake deaths, but silenced real ones!

I had to get on twitter to find out about the suspicious death of American Journalist Serena Shim that happened October 19th. Compare that with the hype that followed the fake beheading of James Foley.

I had to get on twitter today to hear about yesterday's death of an American teenager shot by the Israeli army. His name was Orwa Hammad. What is going on here??? I know this is a "big news day", but what IS the news these days? Is it even real?

Orwa Hammad, a Palestinian-American shot while protesting on the West Bank

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Anthrax vs. Ebola (video)

Funny, yet enlightening.
Support BFP: http://ur1.ca/ge4h7
Support The Corbett Report: http://www.corbettreport.com/members/

"Ebola" is a video critique of the role that the media plays in terrorizing the public by hyping and selling pandemic fears, including the current Ebola "crisis" in the US. Inspired by Jason Vosu's video critique of the 2001 anthrax scare which is shown in this video and available here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

MH17 Passenger & WHO Spokesperson Glenn Thomas Opposed Ebola Hype

[I knew that crash had something to do with this Ebola "outbreak." Not surprised to learn about this ...]

Just two weeks before WHO spokesperson Glenn Thomas was allegedly killed in the mysterious MH17 crash, he played a vital role in defusing WHO Ebola hype and a martial law declaration in July.

In a press briefing in Geneva on June 27th, Thomas introduced WHO’s Ebola expert Pierre Formenty, who categorically denied that Ebola was “out of control” , as reporters and Doctors without Borders suggested.

WHO’s own figures on confirmed Ebola cases show Ebola is under control.

There is no Ebola epidemic.

It is a scandal that an Ebola emergency was declared.

There was no out of control swine flu outbreak in 2009 and there is no out of control Ebola outbreak in 2014.
[read more here]

Thursday, October 16, 2014

More stuff on Ebola predictive programming

[Frame from a 1997 episode of "the Simpsons"]
For those who don't believe there's anything to this "predictive programming" stuff, I challenge you you take a minute out of your day, and watch this video posted in 2010 (you might want to enlarge it to full screen). It shows a frame from the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops." If you look at the red letters on the timer (or whatever), you can see the numbers "47093" which happens to spell "Ebola" when viewed upside down (okay, well, you can argue that the upside-down number 4 doesn't exactly look like an "A," but note this particular version of the numeral has a closed top, instead of the more common version of a "digital" number 4 with an open top, which would make it an "h").

Anyway, one of the words on the screen is "Zombies." Free Radio Revolution's youtube channel has done a great job tying the Ebola crisis with this meme that seems to be pushed rather hard by the mainstream media lately. That and the color green. People who follow my blog know that I suspect the comic book character "Batman" has played a crucial role in "predictive programming" lateley ... well, think of the Joker. Lately he's been portrayed as a "zombie-like" figure with green hair, hasn't he? What other weird stuff have we seen with the Joker meme? "Dzhokar" Tsarnaev, the alleged "Boston Bomber". Jerad Miller, the guy who shot two police officers at CiCi's pizza in Las Vegas. The Aurora Batman movie shooter, James Holmes. And then of course there's poor Heath Ledger, who actually played the Joker, and died under suspicious circumstances.

(A bit of warning: Jeff C. from Free Radio Revolution is another one of those guys that swears a lot. I will also point out that most media people know better than to wear a green dress before they go on camera, in case they're filmed in front of a green screen.)

Monday, October 13, 2014

How to Overcome Fear When Facing Real Danger (video)

Here is a wonderful offering from Storm Clouds Gathering. I find it especially relevant today, when it seems that everywhere we turn there's a full assault on our sense of security. Security has always been an illusion ... but you know, I think ultimately, so is death.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Great Truth Seeker Died Last Month. RIP Kenny ...

I'm pretty devestated after learning from NTS that Kenny of Kenny's Sideshow passed away suddenly last month. He was a very caring and responsive man, and an excellent writer. He could be very funny, especially with his use of pictures, and his compassion was constantly present in all of his postings. He kind of held a community of truth seekers together with his blog roll. Here is the news from B'Man:

He passed away suddenly on Sept 18. He was 62 years old.

From his obituary (I did confirm the email notification):

He was a wonderful man who loved his family more than anything. He also loved his fur children, his Jack Russells, Taz and Tessa. Kenneth enjoyed music and played guitar, mandolin and drums.

I hope he can help us out from heaven. We love you, Kenny.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Color Programming: Neon Green

Just watched this interesting video over at Free Radio Revolution's site. I've noticed certain "color programing" before, though I didn't have the words to express it. During the Boston Marathon bombing, I noticed pretty much all news footage had flashing blue and red lights in it, whether or not there was a good reason for police to be there. I think blue and red is code for "conflict," i.e. Bloods and Crypts, Democrats and Republicans, etc. Plus people are kind of psychologically tuned into feeling anxious whenever they see flashing blue and red lights. It always means trouble ... you see them when you're being pulled over on the road, when there's trouble over at the neighbors, etc. You'll notice pretty much all news programs (esp. FOX news) use these colors all the time. Is it just being patriotic? Or is it a subtle form of programming? Anyway, here's Free Radio Revolution's video:

(Notice the name of the "chips": Takis. When you start reading it one way, it almost looks like the word "Take" ... and when you start reading it backwards, it starts out with "Sik." I'm starting to notice weird little things like that, and no, I don't think it's just a coincidence. One commenter pointed out that the hand on the Takis label formed a "666" symbol. That made me think of the label on Monster Energy Drink. Here's a video about that. There is also a popular children's book and game called "Monster Blood" which happens to be neon green.)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Okay, I'm convinced, Ebola outbreak is a scam

Look at how close Dr. Besser gets to this supposed Ebola victim. He's not even wearing gloves. And what about his cameraman? Was he in a hazmat suit when he filmed just inches from the victim's arm? And guess where Dr. Besser worked before his stint at CNN -- as acting director of the CDC, which happens to own the patent for the all existing Ebola vaccines, along with Bill Gates. Once again, great job, freeradiorevolution.

Ebola victim's mom reading from a script?

As dutchsinse said in one of the comments, "ebolshit."

Joy Camp's Ebola Vaccine Commercial

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Aussie wakes up from a coma speaking only Mandarin (video)

I want to get away from politics today, because I'm tired of hearing all the lies. If you want to know my opinion on the Ebola outbreak, I think it's a hyped-up designer disease, or even an outright lie to scare the public, like swine flu, avian flu, anthrax, smallpox, etc. I mean, come on, guys, they already have a vaccine in the can, made to order! Big $$$ for big pharma. Not to mention a convenient excuse to detain people, inject them with God knows what and maybe even enact martial law.

So here's something that I think is more interesting. Of course the mainstream media is reporting on this stuff, so maybe it's all a lie, too, but if it's real I think it may in fact support the idea of reincarnation, along with the strange affliction known as foreign accent syndrome. There are other cases like this as well: Matej Kus comes to mind, as well as this girl, this old guy, and Michael Boatwright (okay, well, he might have been a Swedish spy with amnesia).

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MUST WATCH: How To Fake An ISIS Beheading In 5 Easy Steps!

This video combines an older video of Muslim young men and their (I think superior) fake beheading with information on the ones who released the ISIS videos in the first place. From Red Pill Revolution.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Crisis Actors Are EVERYWHERE!! David Haines Daughter's Duping Delight (video)

The latest video from freeradiorevolution. This is the worst acting I've seen so far. She doesn't even try to look upset that her father was just beheaded.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beginning of Syrian invasion?

You almost could have predicted what happened yesterday ... it was Fall Equinox, and these NWO types love to start things on pagan holidays. In fact, Iraq invaded Iran on the same day in 1980.

I don't expect hostilities to end any time soon. What's the exit strategy for a war against a nebulous, self-invented enemy like ISIS? Or whatever they're calling it now. Ever notice that certain people call it ISIS, others ISIL ... just like you never hear the big officials call 9-11 "9-11" ... they always call it "September 11th." I think there's a reason for that. These guys play these weird games with language, I think because they truly believe "the devil is in the details." And maybe he is. I didn't used to believe in the devil, but let me tell you something, over the past dozen years or so, I've changed my mind on that particular subject. Les Visible believes that the devil ultimately serves God, and I believe this is true. I certainly don't see them on the same standing. Or maybe it all depends on ones perception. But until the ultimate reveal, it pays to scrutinize the fine print. This is a test of awareness. They get away with a lot of nasty stuff just because the average guy wasn't paying attention.

I don't know if Congress is still going to be on vacation for weeks, but I want people to understand that this bombing Syria thing is a big deal. I don't see these guys stopping their bombing any time soon, do you? I think they want to take this straight to Damascus, which they hope will then pull in Iran. This could be the start of WWIII. Even if not, I want people to see what "collateral damage" means. Let's end this NOW, the sooner the better!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vote YES for Scottish Independence

I know it's none of my business, seeing that I'm an American, but I'm sure I have a few Scottish readers and I'd like to give you my opinion.

I've always loved Scottish culture, and believe I have karmic ties with the spirit of rebellion and untold suffering due to foreign repression which forge that country's history. The ancient fight for Scotland's freedom has shown Americans the way. Show us the way again. Please vote yes for independence next week, for all those who fought hard and died for it, and for me.

Horrifying new video: PUP- TARDS™ throw kidnapped Marine off Cliff!!!

PUP-TARD,™ a breakaway subsidiary of the evil TARD™ terrorist group so brilliantly exposed by American Everyman, has released a new video wherein they brutally send a hapless American soldier to his death. Better close your eyes when you watch this one!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

AE911 Truth: Come to New York on Sept 11th!

[I can't afford to go there myself, but I thought I'd pass this along for those who'd like to help ...]
Come to New York on Sept 11th!
(Written by AE911Truth Staff)

This 9/11 anniversary is the thirteenth. We intend to make it the most effective effort yet. Our lineup of activities and speakers is incredible.

But it needs you there. Can you get to New York to help us? Check out the full NYC schedule for dates, times, times, and locations.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What are crisis actors?

The first time I had any inkling of what I now understand to be "crisis actors" was when I saw the 1998 movie "Wag the Dog." The premise of this movie, I think, is key to understanding a plethora of recent "newsworthy events" and I highly recommend it. It was about a presidential campaign's strategy to save an incumbent's second term, unfortunately enmeshed in an embarrassing scandal involving an underage girl. It would do this by whipping up an imaginary war between the United States and Albania (keep in mind this movie came out right around both the Monica Lewinsky scandal and US involvement in Serbia). During the movie they showed a cheap actress playing an Albanian girl holding a kitten and running away from a bomb (the kitten was actually a bag of potato chips, but was keyed into a kitten during post-production). This does not resemble the official or original definition of what have been come to be known as "crisis actors," but that's where the term is headed.

Originally, "crisis actor" was a respectable job of someone who acted in a drill used to train personnel in a crisis. Like in this (rather telling) video:

But imagine if such drills were used for propaganda purposes, instead of training purposes? I think that's the scenario we're seeing today, and we've seen it with Sandy Hook elementary school, the Boston Bombings, Elliott Rodger shootings, and now with these more recent beheadings. The media is lying to us, people! Don't trust anything the Mainstream Media is telling you. It really is that bad out there.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Are James Foley's siblings CRISIS ACTORS from previous mass shootings?

I've seen so many look-alikes in the past few months, I don't know what to think!

Ninth anniversary of the landing of Hurricane Katrina

I just looked at CNN.com and there was no mention of this. Apparently the heart attack of Joan "Palestinians deserve to be dead" Rivers was more important to report. But we shouldn't forget this incident, as it led to the deaths of nearly 2,000 Americans and arguably the end of Bush's efficacy as president. Who got fired over the *criminally negligent* handling of that fiasco? That's an important question to ask after every disastrous event that was obviously mishandled. When the answer is "no one," or worse ... "Heck of a job, Brownie!" you have to wonder if it was truly a case of incompetency. This article proclaims FEMA's deliberate sabotage of Hurricane relief efforts. What really happened that day? And why does the media want us to forget about it?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Attacking "ISIS" is just an excuse to invade Syria

Attacking the northern border of Syria to get at this "terrorist organization" (funded by the American taxpayer, BTW) is just the camel's nose under the tent. You don't think Americans are going to stop until Assad is gone and they've gained control over the entire country, do you? That's war with a sovereign nation, people. Don't the American people have a say in this? Especially now that the hoax of a beheading has entirely collapsed: The Fake James Foley Beheading Video: MSM Admits Its Fake – Tries to Salvage What They Can

Meanwhile, check out this video. I think this guy has it generally right but I'm afraid he doesn't realize how serious the repercussions of a Syrian invasion would be ... these guys want to start WWIII, folks ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is the beheading of James Wright Foley a fake "Nick Berg style" rerun?

Let me tell you straight up. I was conscious of mass media deception at the time of Nick Berg's "beheading" back in 2004, and I researched the topic thoroughly. The video was a fake, through and through. There were plenty of reasons for it, one of which was surely as a distraction; the incident occurred immediately after the horrific images of Abu Ghraib torture were released to the public (I recall Reagan died around this same time as well. I wonder if they hadn't been keeping him in cold storage :P).

Berg's execution(?) almost surely was done in the same locale as the Abu Ghraib pictures were taken. They had him in an identical orange jumpsuit and the exact same kind of plastic chair as the ones depicted in the torture photos! Now I ask you, why would Islamist militants put an American prisoner in an orange prison jumpsuit??? And use the same kind of cheesy Western plastic chair? I remember they also wore gold wedding rings, which I've heard are not used by strict Muslim extremists. The guy who spoke at Berg's execution had the wrong Arabic accent, and the guy who executed Foley had a British accent. And just like Jeff Bauman's leg in the Boston Bombing, though a major artery was supposedly severed, Berg's neck did not spurt any blood. I haven't seen the video of James Wright Foley yet, but I don't have to. I know ISIS is fake, a Western concoction created to justify American intervention in the Middle East, just like Al CIA-duh. I call Bullshit.

Here's some more commentary on Nick Berg by Marc Rerkel Rantz.

*** UPDATE ***

I just saw the Foley video. FAKE!!! They didn't show the actual beheading, but they showed the aftermath. A guy on youtube pointed out that a different knife was shown before and after the beheading. The carotid artery DID NOT "spurt," and the dead body looks a bit like a dummy with a digitally attached head on top of its back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Remembering fallen truth seekers ...

In light of my last post, I thought I'd throw some of these old radio commentaries up here.

Goodbye, Hunter S. Thompson
A short commentary on the death of the godfather of gonzo journalism. In the script I mention Gore Vidal, who has since died.

Mysterious Deaths of Microbiologists
Many of the world's top microbiologists have died in the past several years, some under suspicious and violent circumstances. Thanks especially to www.gatorpress.com/badsam/page7.html for information on individual cases.

Gary Webb and COINTELPRO
In this piece I quote Michael Ruppert, who has since committed suicide, according to reports.

Finally, here's a moving tribute to Robin Williams I found on Twitter. Get out your hanky.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More predictive programming courtesy of "Family Guy"

I rarely cry upon hearing about the death of celebrities, but I was truly dismayed when I learned of the alleged suicide of Robin Williams. You could see the beauty of his soul twinkle through his eyes. He dedicated his life toward making people happy. Like him, I've battled crippling depression all my life and you'd have to be a real thick-headed dunce not to be seriously depressed at the way the world is today. That's why I was shocked to learn that the "Family Guy" episode "Fatman and Robin" (featuring a suicide attempt and Robin Williams) aired on the BBC three minutes before his death was announced.

Keep in mind that "Family Guy" also featured some weird coincidences between the Boston Bombing and their episode of "Turban Cowboy." And the whole "Batman" meme has taken on a life of its own during recent "newsworthy events" in the last couple of years. I make it a point not to watch "Family Guy," so I've never seen this episode. I hope you don't, either. Honestly, I think that show and "American Dad" are garbage and it's not healthy to watch them.

See the pyramid?

*** UPDATE ***
This is, frankly, chilling. Apparently Mr. Williams stars in a movie called "World's Greatest Dad" where his son kills himself in the exact same way (h/t: Aris's comment at Kenny's Sideshow).

Note: David Carradine (who is mentioned in the following clip) Albert Dekker, and Michael Hutchence suffered a similar fate. News media have insinuated these three died from "auto-erotic asphyxiation," but David Carridine and Albert Dekker were found with their hands tied, and Michael Hutchence had a broken hand and a split lip. Who masturbates without using their hands?

Obama Says the "T" Word (video)

From the Corbett Report.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Buying Israeli Goods is Funding Apartheid

#NoMoney4Israel !!!

Guantanamo inmate vomited blood after force-feeding, documents show

Source: the Guardian

• Ahmed Rabbani held without charge for more than 10 years
• New filing details force-feeding regime in hunger strike
• US forced to acknowledge secret tapes of force-feedings

Karen McVeigh in New York

New documents filed in a federal court in Washington have revealed that a Guantánamo Bay detainee contracted a chest infection as a result of force-feeding, leading him to repeatedly vomit blood.

The filing on Thursday came a day after a federal court forced the government to reveal that it has secretly recorded dozens of force-feedings of one hunger-striking Guantánamo detainee, raising the possibility that the US military may have similar films of other detainees.

The fresh documents, filed in the US district court for the District of Columbia, relate to a detainee named Ahmed Rabbani, a Pakistani father of three who has been held without charge for more than a decade.

In the papers, Rabbani describes through his lawyer how a string of force-feedings with improperly inserted feeding tubes caused him to develop pain in his chest and left him with a chest infection.

He developed pain after a tube was wrongly inserted multiple times, he says. The next day, he asked to be granted a day's rest. The request was ignored, he says, and the following day he “vomited blood on himself three or four times” before losing consciousness. He was still taken to the feeding chair.

After repeated bouts of vomiting, Rabbani was checked by a nurse and told he would not be fed because he had an infection.

In the document, Rabbani's lawyer tells how his client reported several botched attempts at force feeding. On one occasion, the feeding tube turned so it was facing up, rather than down his throat, leading Rabbani to feel like it was “pushed up into [his] brain”. On another, he could not breathe as his airways were blocked by the feeding liquid “pooling in his throat”.

Another attempt left him “screaming in pain”, he said.

Earlier this week, lawyers for Rabbani asked the court to ensure that videos of his force-feeding and forcible cell extraction (FCE) procedures, which are used against detainees who refuse to eat, were preserved. His case echoes that of Abu Wa'el Dhiab, a Syrian whose force-feeding was halted on the orders of district judge Gladys Kessler on Wednesday, after his lawyers applied to the court to have video tapes of his force-feeding preserved.

Cori Crider, Reprieve strategic director and counsel for Rabbani, said: “Because of a peaceful protest aimed at securing basic legal rights, my client has been put through a painful, near-daily ordeal.

“All this would be unnecessary if the [Obama] administration would just follow through on its promise to close the prison.”

One of Dhiab’s attorneys, Jon Eisenberg, said the US government had thousands of tapes detailing feeding and cell extraction conditions of the other detainees.

More than 100 Guantánamo detainees took part in a 2013 hunger strike. There are currently 154 detainees at Guantánamo, down from a peak figure of nearly 800.

There is no public record of how many have been on hunger strike, nor how many have been videotaped while being forcibly fed or removed from their cells for force-feedings.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Entire Ukrainian cabinet gets out of the kitchen

Things getting too hot for you corrupt pieces of sh%#?

Ukrainian PM, Cabinet resign as MH17 remains arrive in Netherlands

I have to say, I've been kind of weirded out by this information because there wasn't mention of it anywhere -- it wasn't even trending on Twitter! Then I finally saw a tweet about it and had to check and re-check my sources because many of the major news outlets weren't even reporting on it, though it happened hours ago. Not even Rivero mentioned it on whatreallyhappened.com. Something tells me we're in for a wild ride.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Peekay's take on Malaysian Airlines MH17 (video)

I hate to carp on what may primarily be a distraction for Israel's ground invasion of Gaza, but the more I think about it, the more I see there's probably a lot more motivation than that. As usual, Peekay presents very some good points. Jim Stone does, too. I mean, what are the odds that a plane gets shot down right next to a major road in an obviously rural area?

Friday, July 18, 2014

As I Was Going to Saint Ives

Don't look over at Gaza ... I've got a riddle for you ... you'll need a pen and some paper because it's *very* complicated ...

So, we all know about the 7's permeating yesterday's crash in the Ukraine. Let's talk about this year's other ill-fated Boeing 777 from Malaysia.
"It is true that the legitimate disappearance of any Boeing 777 airplane would in fact be real news. But despite all of the coverage on Flight 370’s so-called disappearance nobody is asking the most basic question. Is Flight 370 even real to begin with?"
Media Focuses In On Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories While World Edges Closer To War
(Another Boeing 777) Asiana Airlines Crash: The 7 Seconds of Horror on Flight 214

Then of course there's flight 77 and building 7:
Are we starting to see a theme here???

Thursday, July 17, 2014

False flag alert: Malaysian Airlines Plane shot down over Ukraine?

I'm following the story on Twitter right now. So is this what happened to that mysterious plane that disappeared months ago?

Also, remember this post when I told you all to suspect "newsworthy events" with numbers important to the Illuminati (like 7's and 11's and repeated numbers) in them? Please note that the plane in question is a "Malaysia 777" and today is 7/17/2014 (2+1+4=7).

(Supposedly) 295 people on board. 2+9+5 = 16 1+6 = 7.

on skynews just now, reporter said flight departure was 11:14 (1+1+1+4=7) and to arrive at 06:10 (6+1=7)

First Flight: 17 July 1997
Last Flight: 17 July 2014
Age: 17 Years

Here are the very first photos, taken minutes after the crash. These look staged to me, seriously.

Weird Al Takes on the Conspirators

This is too cool for me not to put on my blog ... hat tip to Zen Gardner.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Killing off Archie to get at the 2nd Amendment

Okay, I'll admit it, I used to love reading Archie comic books when I was a kid (I was team Betty). So I'm a bit upset over the obvious propaganda factor involved in his "taking a bullet" for the first openly gay character of the series, Kevin Keller -- a newly elected Senator advocating gun control. (I always assumed Jughead was gay ... he never had a girlfriend, did he?) I don't have anything against gays, but there's something so "PC/Sandy Hook" about this scenario ... it's as if American pop culture is being used against Americans to forge an agenda, just as Batman character has obviously been used. See if you don't agree ...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fight Big Tobacco -- Quit Smoking!

A friend of mine was a two-pack-a-day smoker for over 30 years. I've seen him attempt to quit several times, but it he never made it longer than couple weeks. Well, it's been well over a year and he finally got off those nasty cancer sticks by using one of those vaporizing e-cigarette atomizing things. I have to say I'm very impressed, and so is he -- so much so he started a business selling them. I don't know much about this type of thing because I don't smoke myself, but I do want to help my friend in his new business venture, so if you want to quit smoking, just follow the aforementioned link. He is a very helpful person and I'm sure he'll do all he can to answer your questions and help you to quit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Facebook Fraud (video)

I had no idea that people from third world countries were actually paid to sit around and click the "like" button. They're called "click farms." Seriously? What kind of a weird-ass society do we live in, anyway??? Oh, and here's something else that is way bizarre from ReviewManify's web site ... the "Kim Kardashian Hollywood Video Game."

When I think about all the suffering in the world, and how people are paying real money for lies that could be feeding real people and doing real things with their time, well, it's hard not to laugh and shake your head. Not that I'm some great heroine or anything, but at least I *try* doing something I think is useful, like waking people up from this sleepwalking nightmare of a phony world ...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

ISIS FALSE FLAG - The Occult Connections (video)

I know this is weird, but it's hard to argue with.
(*Woo-woo alert* ... numerology, Egyptian gods/goddesses, Denver airport stuff ...)

Facebook Conducted Psychological Experiments On Unknowing Users

This is just one of the reasons I don't use Facebook.

Facebook Conducted Psychological Experiments On Unknowing Users
By Annie-Rose Strasser
Original Link from ThinkProgress

The latest way that Facebook has been peeking into its users’ personal lives may be the most surprising yet: Facebook researches have published a scientific paper that reveals the company has been conducting psychological experiments on its users to manipulate their emotions.

The experiments sought to prove the phenomenon of “emotional contagion” — as in, whether you’ll be more happy if those in your Facebook news feed are. They took place over the week of January 11th-18th, 2012, and targeted 689,003 English-speaking Facebook users.

The study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. was successful. It found that, indeed, manipulating the algorithm to show more “positive” posts in your news feed will actually inspire you to write more “positive” posts yourself. So, for example, if you see a lot of people happy about their jobs or excited to be seeing the concert of their favorite band, then you’re more likely to post that you are happy about something in your life, too.

While that little fact in itself may be interesting, there’s one disturbing aspect of the study: None of the people involved in the experiment were explicitly told that they would be a part of it.

Facebook does have terms of service — ones that every Facebook user has agreed to — that specify users’ data may be used “for internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research and service improvement.” The researchers of this psychology experiment argue that their experiments fall under these terms of use because “no text was seen by the researchers.” Rather, a computer program scanned for words that were considered either “positive” or “negative.”

“As such,” the researchers write, “it was consistent with Facebook’s Data Use Policy, to which all users agree prior to creating an account on Facebook, constituting informed consent for this research.”

People have long been familiar with the double-edged sword of using Facebook: The social network may be useful for staying in touch with your friends, but Facebook can find out who you are from your data — information as specific as where you went on vacation or what movie you went to see on a given Friday night.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operations officer, explained recently what the company aims to do with the massive amounts of data it collects from users. “Our goal is that every time you open News Feed, every time you look at Facebook, you see something, whether it’s from consumers or whether it’s from marketers, that really delights you, that you are genuinely happy to see,” she said.

The company doesn’t just hang onto that data or use it for research. It also gives other entities access to it. Sometimes it’s for something as banal as a targeted advertisement. Other times, data on users can be handed over for intelligence agency investigations, or to an insurance company.

While users may have some awareness of the terms they’ve agreed to when signing up, they aren’t fully aware of what their information is being used for. A Consumer Reports survey, for example, found that “only 37 percent of Facebook users say they have used the site’s privacy tools to customize how much information apps are allowed to see.” Those third parties are one of the biggest collectors of data. And, the report explains, this touches everyone, not just those who don’t change their app settings. “Even if you have restricted your information to be seen by friends only, a friend who is using a Facebook app could allow your data to be transferred to a third party without your knowledge.”

Advocates have said one way to combat this absolute lack of knowledge — and to avoid being unwittingly used in a psychological experiment — is to mandate that tech companies put their terms of use in “plain English.”

“There’s a burden on the individual to get educated, but there’s also a burden on the companies,” Dr. Pamela Rutledge, director of the Media Psychology Research Center, told ThinkProgress earlier this year. “We’re not all lawyers, we’re not all IT guys,” she said.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sorry, I know bad acting when I see it ...

At the risk of appearing a cold-hearted bitch, I'm posting this video. I have a friend who became a dedicated activist with the loss of her college-aged son, but that was far from her initial reaction. If you want to learn more about her story, read Peace Mom by Cindy Sheehan. Rushing around the country giving speeches just doesn't happen overnight. This guy was on TV pointing fingers at the NRA within hours of his son being killed. That doesn't fly with me. See if you agree.

Monday, June 9, 2014

This is what the bankers did to Detroit ...

Look at the dates on these comparative pictures ... heart breaking time-lapse photography of the destruction of neighborhoods ... [h/t Zen Gardner]
The Death And Decay Of Detroit, As Seen From The Streets

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The USS Liberty: When will there be a proper investigation?

Tomorrow marks the 47th anniversary of one of the worst acts of betrayal from our "best friend" in the Middle East, Israel. There is little doubt in my mind that this was an attempted false flag attack, meant to blame Egypt. It was only by the greatest of miracles this ship survived. Let us never forget.


Shhh, Continuity of Lies is a Prime Zionist Objective

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Luke Rudkowski interviews Richard Gage and FDNY Whistleblower (videos)

Architects and Engineers Respond to CNN's Jake Tapper

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews FDNY member Rudy Dent who on the day of 9/11 was witness to the collapse of infamous World Trade Center 7.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hunger Strike News

Update on Palestinian infinite detention hunger strike that started April 24th:
"Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have staged a hunger strike in solidarity with their fellow inmates who have been on hunger strike in Israeli jails for nearly 40 days.
In nearby Egypt, thousands of prisoners started a week-long strike:

Around 20,000 prisoners in Egypt have gone on a week-long hunger strike in protest against alleged mistreatment and torture inside prisons.

Meanwhile, Shaker Aamer continues to languish in Guantanamo Bay after being held without charges for 12 years. Here is a recent protest from London:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Santa Barbara shooting ... more crisis actors?

I pegged this latest episode as being another staged event to shape attitudes on gun laws the minute I heard the father of one of the supposed victims, Chris Martinez, immediately pointing the finger at the NRA. Really? His son just died, and the first thing on his agenda is to become an anti-gun activist? As one person remarked, he seems almost giddy in this video:

Anyway, here's a video that talks about strange coincidences and numerology surrounding this event. BTW, 7 and 11 are among the most important numbers to occult circles (the "Sept" in September actually means 7, not 9). Also, the shooter's dad, Peter Rodger was Assistant Director for movie "The Hunger Games." The author of the "Hunger Games" is Suzanne Collins who happens to live in Sandy Hook, CT.

Isla Vista Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!! ”Is My Director Talking?”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boston Marathon's Pink Lady

Here's Peekay's clever discovery about this woman:

Some people claim this woman is Susanne Bump, MA state auditor.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Palestinian hunger strike against “administrative detention” enters 25th day

According to this article, "Some 120 Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike since April 24."

"Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to imprison Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can, however, be renewed for an indefinite period of time."

Sounds like Kafka to me.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A 9-11 Mystery: Building 7

I watched a bit of the opening dedication of the 9-11 museum yesterday, but it was too much to bear hearing all the official bigshots lying about everything. Most people don't know about WTC7, a nearly 50 story building that collapsed completely to the ground at near free-fall speed that afternoon, despite the fact that it was never hit by a plane. This is the smoking gun as far as I'm concerned.
What was in this building? It housed a secret CIA office, among other things.

Here's Jesse Ventura's take on building 7:

Here's a new documentary from Winnipeg Alternative Media:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Boston Ambulances - Strangely Allergic to Bomb Scenes.

Here's another video by peekay that makes a good point ... (strong language, disturbing images)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dummy of a child used at the Boston Marathon Bombing?

[Frequent visitors to my blog know my opinion that the Boston Marathon bombing last year was a staged hoax, designed (among other things) to test America's reaction to martial law. Here is a video by peekay, who has done a lot of good work on this subject. Caution: salty language and disturbing images.]

[As peekay demonstrates in the following video, dummies have been used in other false flag incidents, too ... notably the TSA worker shootings by Paul CIAnCIA (another dummy?) at the LAX airport. Be sure to watch the end of the video where the legs make this particularly obvious.]

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When to be wary of "newsworthy events"

Over time I've come to see a lot of stuff put out by the "Mainstream Media" that, on closer analysis, turns out to be total bullcrap. Here are some clues I've come to know that immediately arouse my suspicion toward that end:

-- They mention "Al Qaeda"
-- Officials just happened to have just scheduled a drill immediately prior, on, or after the time that event occurred, addressing that very same type of event!
-- A big part of the news reports contain numbers that are very important to the Illuminati (death counts or dates with double or triple numbers, for example)
-- There is no video
-- There is no way to get the perpetrator's side of the story (usually because they are dead or have been shunted away to permanent isolation)
-- There are no black boxes
-- Despite an obvious breach of public safety and/or horrendous incompetence, NO ONE GOT FIRED!!!

Everyone thought the Boston Police did such a fine job capturing Jahar Tsarnaev. But when you think about it, the fact that this *unarmed* teenaged kid could have gotten away from the Boston police on April 19, 2013 after half the area's police force cornered him and his brother -- that would be an inexcusable cock-up of incredible proportions, if that is in fact what had happened. I mean, they shut down the entire town just to get this one kid. How could they have let him get away once they found him and his brother? And then no one ever got fired for this?

Jesse Ventura makes a good point here. No one gets fired because that would lead to investigations (and the fact the horrendous incompetence was part of the plan).

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gene Rosen from Sandy Hook ... bad actor who works for FEMA

Remember the neighbor guy who cried about the children when the Sandy Hook shooting went down? The first video should remind you. The second video proves he worked for FEMA. Check out the kids who are with him down in Texas, too.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Torture of Shaker Aamer

It's been a while since I've looked into the atrocities of Guatanamo Bay prison, but a psychiatrist's report was recently released by the lawyer of Shaker Aamer, who said,

" – On more than one occasion an official of the United States threatened to rape Aamer’s five year old daughter, with one interrogator describing in explicit sexual detail his plans to destroy the child;

– “Welcoming Parties” and “Goodbye Parties” as Aamer was transferred among U.S. facilities. Soldiers at these “parties” were encouraged and allowed to beat and kick detainees as their proclivities and desires dictated. Here’s a video of what a beating under the eyes of American soldiers looks like.

– Aamer was made to stand for days, not allowed to sleep for days, not allowed to use the toilet and made to shit and piss on himself for days, not fed or fed minimally for days, doused with freezing water for days, over and over again. For twelve years. So far.

– Aamer was denied medical care as his interrogators controlled his access to doctors and made care for the wounds they inflicted dependent on Aamer’s ongoing compliance and repeated “confessions.”

– Aamer was often kept naked, and his faith exploited to humiliate him in culturally-specific ways. He witnessed a 17 year old captive of America sodomized with a rifle, and was threatened with the same.

– At times the brutality took place for its own sake, disconnected from interrogations. At times it was the centerpiece of interrogation.

– The torture of Aamer continues at Gitmo, for as an occasional hunger striker he is brutally force-fed."


I know I'm not exactly a prisoner at Gitmo, but I feel a resonance with the people being held there. When they say they believe the CIA interrogators use "djinn," I wonder, are these the kind of psychotronic weapons that I believe have been used on myself? I have often thought that Gitmo is being used as one big research center and their hapless prisoners are being used as lab rats.

Lawyers for Shaker Aamer claim he has suffered PTSD because of his treatment, urge his immediate release
April 7, 2014 6:06PM ET
by Peter Moskowitz @ptrmsk

The last remaining British resident being held at Guantanamo Bay is in dire need of medical and psychiatric help, according to U.S. court documents filed Monday urging his immediate release on health grounds.

The legal papers, which include a mental and physical analysis of detainee Shaker Aamer’s health by an independent American physician, provide a glimpse into life at the detention camp in Cuba, detailing the effects of isolation, alleged torture, and hunger strikes.

Aamer was picked up Afghan troops in 2001, and transferred to Guantanamo after a stint at Bagram Airfield, a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, in 2002.

He has never been charged with a crime, and was cleared for release by both the Bush Administration in 2007, and the Obama Administration in 2009. But despite the clearance, and repeated pleas from human rights groups and the British government, Aamer has remained at Guantanamo.

Now, his lawyers say that unless he is released and given intensive, long-term medical care, his conditions could become worse. As such, they have filed a motion in a Washington D.C. District Court calling for his immediate release.

Aamer’s health was documented in a 25-hour in-person review by U.S. psychiatrist Emily A. Keram on behalf of Aamer’s lawyers at legal rights charity Reprieve.

The review paints a bleak picture of a man struggling to maintain his grasp on reality as he is allegedly systematically isolated and tormented by guards.

Aamer told Keram that he was tortured both at Bagram and at Guantanamo. Upon his arrival at Guantanamo, he was allegedly kept in an outdoor cage without protection from the sun or inclement weather for an extended period. Once indoors, he said he was kept in cells isolated from other prisoners and guards for up to four months at a time.

Aamer also claimed that guards would tie up and interrogate him for 36-hours at a time without letting him take breaks for the bathroom.

U.S. military officials would not comment on Aamer’s case.

Keram’s report concludes that Aamer’s detention and treatment have left him with severe edema, liver problems, and other medical issues. The report also says that his isolation has caused him to hallucinate and have paranoid delusions. Keram believes the detainee is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

“The worst thing about torture is that you don’t know how to think, what to do, how to feel,” the court documents quote Aamer as saying to Keram. “It’s terrible. We believed that the people here: the CIA, the interrogators, use ‘djinn.’ (spirits) … Some of the things that happened, you can’t explain. Some people (would) think that it was drugs or something, but 95% of us believe we got possessed by djinn.”

It’s unclear whether the court filing will have any impact on the potential for Aamer’s release or that of others. While President Obama has called for closing the base, over 160 detainees remain.

According to leaked files, U.S. officials believed Aamer once met with Osama bin Laden, the late Al-Qaeda leader, and led a unit of fighters against NATO troops in Afghanistan. But his supporters say Aamer suffered terrible abuse while in captivity and that an alleged confession was made under the pain of torture.

Aamer is not the only Guantanamo detainee who has claimed maltreatment at Guantanamo. Dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strikes to protest their indefinite detention and the way they are treated. But following the latest hunger strike, the United States stopped releasing information about the protests. The U.S. has also come under fire for force-feeding those on hunger strike.