Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Color Programming: Neon Green

Just watched this interesting video over at Free Radio Revolution's site. I've noticed certain "color programing" before, though I didn't have the words to express it. During the Boston Marathon bombing, I noticed pretty much all news footage had flashing blue and red lights in it, whether or not there was a good reason for police to be there. I think blue and red is code for "conflict," i.e. Bloods and Crypts, Democrats and Republicans, etc. Plus people are kind of psychologically tuned into feeling anxious whenever they see flashing blue and red lights. It always means trouble ... you see them when you're being pulled over on the road, when there's trouble over at the neighbors, etc. You'll notice pretty much all news programs (esp. FOX news) use these colors all the time. Is it just being patriotic? Or is it a subtle form of programming? Anyway, here's Free Radio Revolution's video:

(Notice the name of the "chips": Takis. When you start reading it one way, it almost looks like the word "Take" ... and when you start reading it backwards, it starts out with "Sik." I'm starting to notice weird little things like that, and no, I don't think it's just a coincidence. One commenter pointed out that the hand on the Takis label formed a "666" symbol. That made me think of the label on Monster Energy Drink. Here's a video about that. There is also a popular children's book and game called "Monster Blood" which happens to be neon green.)

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