Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ideas for taking action --

-- as individuals or in small groups -- to get out the truth!

"Bumper stickers are an act of minimal activism, with maximum results."

This article contains various ideas about getting the word out about 9-11. I especially liked the idea about "bed sheet signs" :
101 Ways to Market 9/11 Truth

Hand out deception dollars:

Try freeway blogging:

Lobby your representatives:

Wear a button! Carry around a sign! (Note: a great way to get feedback when you are at a vigil is to have someone stand on the most visible street corner with a sign that says "Honk for peace." This allows otherwise passive passers-by to actually participate in what you're doing. And that's what this is all about. Get more people aware and involved in what you are doing! I'm always amazed at how, when I go to certain peace rallies, many people just stand around in a closed circle, preaching to the choir. Get your message out to the uninitiated ... reach as many people as possible! Get visible!

Add your own ideas here:

Outing Plame was much more than political revenge

The press would have us think that the outing of Valerie Plame was all about getting back at her husband Joe Wilson for his Niger-yellowcake criticism. But the story is way more involved than that.

Most people don't realize that outing Plame exposed an entire CIA front company: "... OVer decades, the CIA had built up the fake firm and through it insinuated agents to keep an eye on not only WMD, but also ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia and their oil production and politics. Hundreds of agents have worked for Brewster Jennings and Associates. Traitor Novak emperiled all of their lives and the lives of their informants. Now the US is flying blind--just how Cheney wanted it." http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/7/3/16838/88864

This recent post says it has been "rumored that Plame's Brewster-Jennings just prior to Plames exposure had been instrumental in stopping a load of WMD headed for Iraq through Turkey, and it has been conjectured that this was the shipment and Bush operation to plant the WMD's in Iraq." http://www.opednews.com/articles/opedne_crede_ca_070306_plame_s_brewster_jen.htm

At the heart of what prompted us to launch our imperialist war with Iraq is the lie of the the forged Niger documents, and that's what needs to be investigated now. Here are some links for you all:

A Corrupt Endeavor Who lied us into war? Libby trial verdict points the way for future probes by Justin Raimondo

Zeroing in on Cheney-Bush By Robert Parry (A Special Report)

Smells like high treason to me. Call your representatives and demand serious investigations. It's time to impeach these guys.

Who frames the questions we ask ourselves?

I listen to progressive radio quite a bit. I was enjoying some good discussion between Senator Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartmann's listeners yesterday, when they had to break for the "News" at the top of the hour.

Lead story? Who's the father of Anna Nichole Smith's baby. The next story was about some guy I never heard of dropping out of the presidential race scheduled over 20 months from now. The next was about a kidnapping, and the last story was about Britney Spears.

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism, and usually I get so mad when I hear this kind of thing I switch the radio off for a few minutes in silent protest, but the time for silence is over.

The award-winning television show "60 Minutes" has been on the air for decades as a beacon of investigative journalism. If my memory serves me, I noticed a few weeks ago its lead story was about a woman swimming the Antarctic followed by a story about a blind, retarded musical genius. They were both fascinating stories, but let's face it: the content was right out of one of those old shows like "That's Incredible!" or "Ripley's Believe it or Not!"

We need to be asking serious questions right now. Questions like, "Is Dick Cheney behind the deliberate outing of Valerie Plame and the CIA front group Brewster Jennings and therefore *guilty of treason*?" "What really happened on 9-11?" "What's going on in this country ... what's taking place under the radar that stands to seriously affect me and my family's future?" And finally -- "What can I do, personally, to make a difference for the better?"

The fact that for the most part, most Americans are *not* asking these questions is of grave concern. I don't think we're *entirely* to blame (though of course we bear some responsibility). A war of ignorance is being waged on the American people, and the enemy is the multi-conglomerate mass media corporate machine. (And the chokehold certain shadowy entities seemed to have gained over our public education. Who teaches decent civics courses these days? How many high schoolers are actually taught their rights?) We need to do something about this. In 1996, Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act that allowed virtual monopolies over our own public airwaves.

We need restrict the amount of control one owner can have over our local media markets. We need more independent media in as many forms as possible -- radio, television, newspapers -- in addition to the healthy variety we see on the Internet.

Let's recognize we are in a battle, and we're up against highly organized and well-funded armies of ignorance. Their weapons are distraction in the form of pointless questions. It's up to each and every one of us to start asking better questions, and then demand some answers!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Taking individual action

I recently saw a post on Portland Indymedia that showed a great example of educational freeway blogging ( http://freewayblogger.com ). We need this type of thing more than ever.

Now that mainstream media has revealed itself to be nothing more than a propaganda arm of certain monied interests, and is definitely not doing its perceived job of informing the public, people who go out of their way to stay informed need to find ways to get positive, pro-active, and educational messages out to the more passive and clueless masses. Why? If you really need reasons, how about:

1) preventing WWIII
2) turning the tide of corporate fascism
3) saving your own butt (the well-informed will be among the first sent to the FEMA camps, you know)

I commented that I'd like to start a blog that dealt with nothing but ideas towards this end, but I was afraid I wouldn't have the computer resources to be able to keep it up. And I probably don't (though I'm well inclined to do so ... if I had a computer I'd probably spend all day on it). Anyway, I did post this article about a year ago to several different locations ... that's a start, anyway. More on this subject later as I've done a lot of thinking about it ...

Sick of sitting around waiting for the next anti-war protest?