Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I don't have much to say today, but I wanted to make sure I saved the link for this interesting article: Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why. The article speaks, among other things, about how knowledge about archetypes (think Jung) have been used by secret societies and mystery schools for centuries to control the populace. I personally believe this is very true and it would behoove the general populace to learn more about them.

If I don't get a chance to post again before then, Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

9-11 was an inside job!

Let's stop treating 9-11 like it was some "special case" and start rationally looking at it like we would any other crime. What does any investigator look for in a crime?

* Motive
* Opportunity

Who really "cleaned up" on 9-11-01? Who won big? The Taliban?? The Iraqis??? (!) I'd say amongst the major beneficiaries were the Bush administration, the owner of the twin towers lease (Larry Silverstein), and several war profiteering companies like Raytheon, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group (Gee, who had interests in the Carlyle Group on 9-11-01? George Bush Sr. and the Bin Laden family?? Wow, what a coincidence!).

-- Okay, so what was the president doing on 9-11-01? It would be very telling to find out. So look it up. Let me help you get started: one of the most chilling things I've ever seen starts at about 1hr :02 min on this documentary: . These are the moments directly after Andy Card supposedly tells Bush "America is under attack." And Bush just sits there listening to children read. And with each passing minute you can't help but squirm and think, "something is terribly wrong...(?!!)"

What was Cheney doing on 9-11? What was Porter Goss doing? Bush Sr.? Do some research. The answers are out there.

Scientists have published peer-reviewed research stating that explosives were found amidst the remains of the WTC. Who had the opportunity to plant explosives in these buildings? Who owned the companies in charge of security at the WTC and the airlines involved with the attacks? Don't think a bunch of box-cutter wielding fanatics needed any inside help? Then how do you explain how they brought down a 50-story building like WTC7 without even hitting it with a plane?

Look, there are well-established protocols that are supposed to take place automatically when a plane is hijacked. These protocols did not take place on 9-11-01. The Pentagon continues to be among the most heavily defended airspace in the world. And the only thing the public gets to see involving that attack are 5 frames of balatedly, begrudgingly given nonsense.

Wake up, people! We are being lied to! These lies have been used as a justification for 2 very expensive wars of aggression, not to mention an excuse to strip us of our rights! Silence is complicity. Something needs to be done. What are you willing to do about it?

Take action the 11th of every month:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

War Pigs

On my way to the library I happened to catch the lyrics of the old Black Sabbath song War Pigs, where Ozzy starts out comparing gathering generals to witches at black masses, plotting death and destruction to mankind. I thought about the inevitable troop surge in Afghanistan, and generals I've seen on TV (and real life, too ... don't forget about this incident). And I wonder about them. They're paper-pushers, mostly. And probably really good politicians. They probably don't think they're really bad people. But are they?

Surely they must know that 9-11 was an inside job. Attacking Afghanistan had nothing to do with catching Osama bin Laden and everything to do with geo-political standing, oil pipelines and the heroin trade. So what are we doing sending more troops into the quagmire? What are we doing sending unmanned drones to rain terror and death on hundreds of innocent civilians? In the old days, at least, generals fought with their men on the battlefields. Now we don't even send human beings to kill the innocent, we send remote-controlled airplanes.

As I listened to the song, I must say it reinforced my growing belief we are coming closer and closer to that Hour when God calls and the war pigs come crawling, begging mercy for their sins, and "Satan laughing spreads his wings."

We need to get out of Afghanistan, the sooner the better.