Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Death of Prince

As you might imagine, whenever a celebrity dies mysteriously these days I get a bit suspicious. I'm just now looking into this latest untimely death, but I'm sure I'll be entertaining myself all day sifting through various conspiracy theories. Because Prince, like most really high-level entertainers, was "in the know" when it comes to certain esoteric secrets. Like Merle Haggard, he knew about chemtrails and spoke of them openly. Last month it was announced that he was writing his memoirs, called "the Beautiful Ones." I'm sure that would have been illuminating, if you know what I mean.

I found this web page interesting: One thing I noticed yesterday is the mainstream media kept showing pictures of Prince performing dressed up like "the Joker." Of course, the artist has strong ties to the movie Batman going back to at least 1989 when he did the soundtrack for Tim Burton's movie. I can't tell you how many references I've made to Batman and/or the Joker on this blog regarding false flags, patsies, celebrity deaths, etc. I wonder if Seth MacFarlane ever did a cartoon that mentioned Prince (I wouldn't know, I don't watch that crap).

*** UPDATE ***
Well, what do you know! The Simpsons predict a "hit" on Prince ... remember how they predicted 9/11 and the Ebola virus? H/T: Aangirfan

Here's that video of Prince talking about chemtrails, followed by the song where Merle Haggard (who died earlier this month) sings about them.

Monday, April 18, 2016

What is a Superdelegate, Exactly? (video by Red Silver J)

This is why voting in the United States primaries is an exercise in futility. The entire election system in the United States must be overhauled, actually. It's a sham, a fraud, a bread and circus freak show designed to keep Americans believing that they are actually being listened to. It's not that the people don't have power, but they are being sweet-talked into believing that all they have to do is get out and vote. First, you have to understand they are just humoring you if you think your vote really matters.

Again, I'm not saying people don't have the power, but thinking that voting and petitions and protests are enough at this stage of the game is naive. Real action (or non-action in the form of strikes) needs to be taken to prevent corporations, banksters, and psychopaths from destroying the world. I think Obama and his "hopey-changey" song and dance was a clear demonstration of what happens when people put their trust into people and institutions that don't really help anything.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Joy Camp: Happy Days (satirical video)

This is a disquieting sketch about how ridiculous the texting/social media culture has become, following it through to its logical progression. I guess it's kind of ironic that I'm putting it up on my blog, but ...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Like Healthy Food? (wanna help me out...?)

I stumbled across a cool website the other day that makes it really easy for me to shop non-GMO, especially not having a car. It's super-simple to navigate, they have a good social conscience and they'll give me $25 for every friend I refer to sign up for their $60 a year membership. I don't normally advertise on this site, but these guys honestly are a cheap place to shop for health food, special diets and natural products and if you're into that kind of thing anyway, you could really help me out and ultimately save a lot of money (I've already made up for the price of my membership in savings). They deliver straight to your door (for free!) in about 3 days if you buy more than $49 worth of stuff. Seriously, it's a good deal, or I wouldn't recommend them: Thrive Market

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sandy Hook Hoax. The House of Lanza

This recent video from William Tyndale makes a good point. What's missing from this house (I'll give it away because I find it annoying he doesn't tell you for the first few minutes) is that with one exception, there isn't a single personal photograph in the entire house. It's kind of creepy, honestly. I mean, I stay at a motel room and it's got more character to it than that place.

Sorry I haven't written for my blog in a while. My depression has been "flaring up" lately, healing thoughts and prayers are always greatly appreciated. I don't know what to tell you about America's 2016 election, except that I knew from the beginning it was all a dog and pony show and Americans don't have a real democracy anyway, just the appearance of it. What's been happening lately makes this abundantly clear, as does American Everyman's article: “Decision” 2016! Proves the Adage: If Voting Mattered, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It