Monday, August 29, 2016

What really happened with Hurricane Katrina?

It's been 11 years since Hurricane Katrina hit land. No one ever talks about it, but it's one of the major reasons Bush's popularity went south. 1,836 people died and one of the most beautiful and culturally significant cities in America was plunged into ruin. I honestly believe it was a case of ethnic cleansing. People still don't understand the power of HAARP and how it can be used for weather control. But the hurricane itself wasn't responsible for the levees breaking, which was the real reason so many died. At any rate, one year after the storm:

- Less than half of the city's pre-storm population had returned
- 60 percent of homes lacked electricity
- Six out of nine hospitals remained closed
- Rental rates were up 40 percent

Why were food, water, and supplies shipped back? Destroyed in some cases? Communication lines cut?

The response to Hurricane Katrina was a national outrage. If it can happen in New Orleans, a similar catastrophe can happen anywhere in the United States. We can't afford to forget it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Peekay Truth is back!

Youtube restored Peekay's channel, which Mossad asset/journalist Richard Gutjahr had taken down for "copyright reasons." Here's the latest video:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Will You do When the Lights Go Out?

This is a lot more important question to ask than "Who should I vote for, Evil One or Evil Two?" Instead of sending money to Killary or Drumpf, you might want to invest in a solar generator. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Strange earthquakes hit California in a grid-like pattern

Just a heads up. Video from DAHBOO77

BTW, Dahboo also just put out a video about Seth Rich, the former DNC Staffer who was murdered but not robbed:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Father of Orlando shooter attends Clinton rally, touts candidate

Now why do you suppose Mr. Mateen did this? And how do you suppose he got in the VIP section?
(Article from Fox News)
In a startling appearance Monday evening, the father of ISIS-inspired Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen showed up just steps away from the Democratic nominee, cheering her on and waving an American flag in the background – even as she paid tribute to the victims of his son’s terror rampage and condemned his “hatred.”

Friday, August 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton, the human bobble head.

This is a pretty disconcerting video: There's a Glitch in Hillary's Matrix - Demonic Possession or MK Ultra or Old Age?
(I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that I know for a fact that "mind control" is very real, I may well be a victim myself [as an adult]. I know many people who have been horribly abused as children and later came to be formally diagnosed as having "Dissociative Disorder." At least one of these people was involved in "special military operations" in Vietnam. Pretty much all these people are/were exceptionally intelligent, they all could have joined MENSA. Despite this, not one of them ever became "successful" in life.)

“An Objective Look at the Collapse of WTC 7” by Tony Szamboti

Streamed live on May 8, 2016

In this presentation, Mr. Szamboti will discuss the essential features of WTC 7’s collapse and examine in-depth the ways in which the National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST) falsified its modeling and analysis to arrive at a seemingly plausible (but impossible) fire-based collapse scenario.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Peekay lost his channel ...

Israeli Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr, who photographed both the attacks in Nice and Munich (as did his daughter in Munich, though she wasn't with him at the time), got Peekay's truth channel taken down because of "copyright infringement" or some such thing. He's pretty torn up about it. Please send him your positive thoughts and prayers. He's still got his Peekay Boston channel so if you're not subscribed there go and check it out, lots of good stuff about the "Boston Hoaxathon."