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DOT officials trying to stop 9/11 graffiti on bridges, overpasses

[HT 911blogger.com]

Hey everyone! Jody checking in here. I know there's a lot to write about (I'm specifically thinking about Egypt right now), but I must admit the situation is too complicated for me to proffer any opinions right now. Truth is, I'm *so* sick of the endless lying, disinfo and distractions these days I'm kind of taking a "media fast" -- at least from the mainstream media. I suppose that's right where they want us, not knowing what is fake and what is real. All I can say is the bullshit is getting extra thick around here, you know they're up to something ... but in the meantime I can always work on myself, meditate, etc.

Hope you're having an enjoyable summer. Take some time and smell the roses! Love, Jody

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Who wants to hear about Guantanamo?

Not many people, according to my stats ... whenever I write about the Gitmo hunger strike my readership goes way down. I understand that ... it's not pleasant to think or write about, nothing's really changed (that much) and there's not a hell of a lot that one person can do ... I mean, they *really* *really* don't want to let those guys out of there. And I bet I know why. They've done some really evil shit on those dudes that, if it ever saw the light of day, would totally blight any credence or moral pretensions the United States might have left.

But the fact that Gitmo is still open is eating away at the soul of this country like acid. Some people can't turn away. I have a friend from Code Pink who has been fasting out of solidarity for these prisoners for 41 days. Other protesters have been fasting even longer. No one's going to be force-feeding these guys when their lives become endangered (as I'm sure they already have). It's not that hard to slip into that kind of state, I've gone over 12 days without eating, and I can tell you after 10 days people stop feeling hungry. But I will say this: going on a fast makes it abundantly clear what kind of hell those poor detainees at Gitmo must be going through. There's not a minute that goes by when you aren't aware of every little thing you do, and why you're doing it. I think Gandhi once said that "Fasting is the most sincere form of prayer."

Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle is the latest to join the crew -- he's gone on hunger strike in support of Shaker Aamer - the last British detainee in Guantánamo Bay. I've been on long fasts more than once, I know what these guys are going through, and it's the very least I can do to keep bringing it up, even if no one wants to hear about it ...

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Let's Just Review the Facts of the Boston Marathon Bombings

[This article was on reddit, posted by WideAwakeNWO. Go there to get the linked source info.]

Can we actually talk about why, both girls and guys, men and women, of alages races and creeds Not just teenie Boppers who have a crush on Jahar, or are some crazy conspiracy theorist, are risking social stigmas, and taking an incredibly difficult position for supporting this guy? I mean please let's review the evidence Here?

Let me preface this by saying I am a 30 Year Old Heterosexual Male that owns my own business, and have two kids. I'm don't have a crush, or attracted to sexually with Jahar.

This is an incredibly dangerous precedent we are setting with this case as Americans, We need to take our time and get ALL the facts out before we KILL THIS KID, remember he's a citizen here and this could just as easily be you, me, or your children, just like it now has become with Justin Carter, another 19 Year old kid, incarcerated on terrorism charges right now. Remember Lindsay Graham and John McCain calling for him to be held as an enemy combatant in Guantanamo Bay?

Are we really going to allow our law enforcement agencies to be judge, jury, and executioner like they were with Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Or Jude Kennan Mohammed, the other American citizen that Obama has said was killed in a drone strike without any due process or habeas corpus. Regardless how bad these men seem, they still have the same rights as you and I do as Americans, regardless of what crimes they've been charged with. So after prefacing that, here's why I support the #Justice4Jahar 'movement'.

There have been 12 people directly tied to this case that have resigned, been fired, resigned, jailed or even killed that were directly involved in the case, and have been released or resigned after the Marathon Bombings.

Also did you know that Dozhokar had a journalist / CIA assett / College Professor who writes at the Huffington Post, David Giles Williams? His expertise and college class is on "motivations of a suicide bomber", he traveled to Afghanistan and is the most experienced CIA asset on Chechnyians? Did you know he writes for the Atlantic, and has appeared on Fox News about the Boston Marathon and the kid he mentored, and didn't even mention this fact to viewers?

Did you know Mr. Brian Williams has mentored Jahar since he was 17 and in high school, and Jahar went to the same college, Umass at Dartmouth that Mr. WILLIAMS TEACHES A COURSE ABOUT MOTIVATIONS OF A SUICIDE BOMBER? The older brother Tamerlan was clearly involved in intelligence, leaving for Russia for 6 months with a child and a wife who got paid very little at home, while he was on Medicare and Welfare, DRIVING AROUND A MERCEDES-BENZ? AND NOT TO MENTION THE FBI "STOPPED INVESTIGATING HIM" WHILE HE WAS IN DAGESTAN?

Regardless of what they are telling you however, he (Tamerlan) was never cleared of anything and was actively on TIDE (federal terror watch list) and we know now that DHS had even held his citizenship application because of the FACT HE'S ON A TERRORIST WATCH LIST! But they never told Boston PD ANYTHING ABOUT HIM, BEFORE, OR DURING this?

In fact, not only did the FBI not tell Boston PD Detectives in the JTTF which have top security clearance, THE SAME FIELD OFFICE IN BOSTON that had went out to do a field interview with him less then 2 years prior, DIDN'T EVEN IDENTIFY HIM after they released the pictures to the public?

Why do you need the American peoples help in Identifying someone WHO HAD BEEN INVESTIGATED BY THE SAME FIELD OFFICE, and the same field office chief, Richard DesLauriers, LESS THEN 2 YEARS PRIOR, but you or your agents don't recognize him?

Tamerlan, Dzhogkar, and Atlantic contributor Brian Giles Williams all have a direct links to Jamestown Foundation, which is currently run by the Tsarnaev brothers former uncle-in-law Graham Fuller? Remember CNN's Interview Uncle Russo? Graham Fuller's daughter was married to the Tsarnaev brothers uncle, Fuller was head of CIA in the Caucasus during Reagan Admin, and he's Jahar's former uncle-in-law

Then you have the case of Igrahim Todashev, who was an 'acquaintance' of Tamerlan living in Orlando Florida. He had REQUESTED ASYLUM in the United States from Chechnya in 2010, which ICE had granted him extremely quickly, so he must have had good proof that he indeed was in danger in Chechnya (or knew Mr. Brian Giles Williams from his many trips to the region no link has been made here yet, this is speculative) that he had legal status.

Well according to Todashev's wife, and friend, the FBI had already interviewed him twice since the Boston Marathon, and was apparently so worried about his life he had bought a plane ticket home to Chechnya, the same country he had requested asylum from, after the second FBI Interview. The FBI called him, begging him for one more interview, so HE CANCELED HIS FLIGHT TO CHECHNYA to accommodate the FBI.

Well it turns out that (we had to learn this from RT and the Russian press which was followed by non-corporate sponsored US media NPR) apparently Todashev after hours of previous interrogation decided now was the time for him to confess to the triple homicide, and in the middle of writing it, he got agitated and flipped the desk over, WITHOUT A WEAPON, and is proceeded TO BE SHOT 6 TIMES INCLUDING TWO TO THE HEAD, EXECUTION STYLE, by guess who? The same FBI field office In Boston!

Anyways, these are 12 people (including two FBI HRT officers involved in apprehension of Dzhokar) that have either resigned, been fired, jailed, or died that had a direct tie to this investigation:

Janet Napolitano Head of DHS

Robert Mueller - Head of FBI

Richard DesLauriers - Head of Boston Field Office for both original Tsanaev FBI investigation, and Boston Marathon Bombings.

Steve Abraria - Boston's Head Fire Chief, received letter from a majority of ieutenant chiefs voicing their disappointment with his handling of the Boston Marathon, forced to resign.

Thomas LaCroix - Waltham Police Department, original Triple Murder investigation head. (was arrested after the bombings for domestic assault, however is wife said in trial he never hit her, yea ok)

Thomas Menino - Mayor of Boston - Announced he will not seek re-election shortly after bombings.

Gerald Walpin -

Kirk D. Merricks - Boston PD Officer - Found With Military Grade Explosives after bombings

Gary Leone - Middlesex County district attorney, investigated Triple MurderIgrahim Todashev - "Acquaintance" with Tsarnaev brothers Dead.

Stephen Shaw - FBI HRT Agent involved in the take down on boat, mysteriously 'fell' fast roping on a boat off Norfolk coast in a training exercise.

Christopher Loreck - FBI HRT Agent involved in the take down on boat, mysteriously 'falls' fast roping ln a boat off the Norfolk coast in the SAME training exercise as Shaw!

The most elite LE branch in the world, and 2 of them diedoing it?

I'm not even going to go into the Hollywood type coverage of both the bombings themselves, or the *9,000 Local, State, Federal Police and the Military HUNT (no man in front of that for a reason) *

In which they Quite Literally Tried killing a 19 YEAR OLD American Citizen who we Later Find Out was UNARMED & COWERING IN A BOAT WITH LARGE CALIBER AMNUTION FROM ABOVE IN A HELICOPTER and injure him gravely, probably he is alive because the press broke the perimeter of the scene as, heard on the police scanner that night he was apprehended, and took picture of him climbing out of the boat on his own power, you gotta wonder, if the press didn't break the perimeter, and get this shot, would he even be alive right now?

If the Watertown Police report is right, and the Green Honda Civic is on the scene with the Black Mercedes when they engage the suspects as the New York Post Reported, coincidentally they don't give a statement for 90 days, and only (and Boston One Fund of $62 Million was dispersed to only 232 people, but media reports put the total number at 260 injuries, they can't even find 30 people to find to sign a one page document that would pay them $200,000 for spending 25 seconds in the hospital, only 232...on June 30) **2 DAYS BEFORE Tsarnaev's court date do they make the very first statement other then the initial police report filed between April 19-22 as reported on by the WSJ?

If we are to believe this report: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/they_saved_nyc_tlstzcuh6ubqYlj5tfyMDN

And the Green Civic was on the scene with the Black Mercedes, this means that after Danny escaped they went BACK TO THE CAR that the police knew to watch for! HOW ELSE WOULD DANNY have told them about NYC? (which according to Congressman King's interview with Fox News at 2:00 the day of the Tsarnaev trial, the FBI didn't even tell NYPD about the threat, they had to find out independently!) They REALLY EXPECT us to believe that they car jacked Danny, confessed to the MIT shooting (only evidence they have on Dzhokar for the murder at MIT) let him go, then drive all the way back to Cambridge to the Green Civic, then head back to Watertown in two different cars where they are engaged in the shootout? Why car jack someone and take two cars? Both brothers also spoke Russian, so how did Danny a Chinese immigrant understand Russian?

Get the F out of here. But still, Im the crazy conspiracy theorist, nothing to see here please move on.

I won't even go into the Injuries of some of the 'victims' in the actual bombing, just say that there were multiple HD cameras (it's a marathon after all) on the scene that were positioned in such a way that you can see everything, please someone show me 14 amputees that were paid on average of $2 Million + each! Just from the Boston One Fund (run by Kenneth Feinberg, same person that was in charge of dispersing $20 Billion dollars given by BP to residents on the gulf coast for the DeepWater Horizons, Sandy Hook Families, Virginia Tech, 9/11, and others, who is this guy and why is he chosen everytime something awful happens to give BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that We the people gave because we saw a number on American Idol telling us to donate our money to in Boston, why him?) and not including private sponsorship websites where they got tens of thousands of dollars more! Why didn't Brian Williams of ABC news ask Mr. Baumann what he was going to do with the new fortune he made? Please just look at the evidence available to you online, and find 14 amputees. I would tell you here, but if I told you, you wouldn't believe me anyways.

Search YouTube, and Flickr (album hahatango is a good start) yourself, check and see what was hiding behind all that smoke, and what happened on the first bomb scene when the second went off and the cameras from MSM were focused on the other bomb and you may begin to understand why Im risking everything for a kid I've never net in my entire life.

I can provide links to recognized sources for everything I posted here. MI'd like this sub reddit to try and question my train of thought and allow me the opportunity to answer the questions about my statements with proof. Anything I said that you haven't heard previously, I can give supply the links to where I got this information, mostly with MAINSTREAM MEDIA'S OWN LINKS!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boston Hoax: Rene Fielding (video)

New video from Max Malone on the Boston Bombing, featuring Rene Fielding, Acting Director Of Boston Emergency Management.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Jahar Tsar (Official Music Video) - Beacorn

[Was very glad to hear Jahar pleaded not guilty on all counts yesterday. The so-called "confessions" are fake.]

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9/11 TRUTH Graffiti - Building Seven? (video)

[ht: Whatreallyhappened.com and TruthRising8 -- and whoever did this, thank you!!!]

BTW, here's an update on the ReThink911 campaign:

Monday, July 8, 2013

Flight 214 -- WTF???

I notice most of the blogs I follow aren't talking much about it, but since I don't have access to a computer on Sundays, I was forced to notice that the TV news was mostly dedicating their time to what happened on Flight 214 which crashed at SFO Airport (even though the train wreck in Canada was worse). There is something *seriously* screwed up with this event, folks.

I happened to be on Twitter when the event took place on Saturday. One guy tweeted that he was all right, everyone was accounted for, and *nobody died*. I saw a picture of the wreckage and thought, "Holy cow! That's a miracle!" Now, everybody who's read my blog for a while knows I believe in miracles. But there is something seriously screwy in the way this whole thing was reported and the later news developments. Big time. Nobody with any sort of a brain could believe this stuff.

I mean, just look at the plane. You're telling me that huge hole that is burnt off the top of the fuselage came from a crash involving pilot error??? It was a beautiful day. When I got home from the library the casualty numbers had changed from everyone accounted for, mostly minor injuries (which is what I heard on Twitter just as all this was happening) to 60 people unaccounted for and scores injured, some critically. Um, how do 60 people become unaccounted for??? It's not like the plane crashed into the bay, or even started breaking up over the bay. They're either there, burnt up on the plane, or they aren't! Apparently there was even a question of where one of the flight recorders went. I heard one reporter, it might have been Nancy Grace, ask a guy if they thought they could really find the flight recorder, even if it was at the bottom of the bay. I'm getting seriously agitated at this point, thinking, "that's what flight data recorders are built for, dummy! And besides, how could they possibly lose it, the plane's sitting right there! And how could they lose 60 passengers?" (All of these were subsequently found, I guess...)

The initial report, and I saw the tweets come out as this was happening, was that everyone was accounted for (there were also rumors that that Snowden guy was on the plane). Then when I got home they said 60 passengers "were unaccounted for" and there were many critically injured. But I remember seeing eyewitness tweets on Twitter and being stunned by the fact that everyone was accounted for, because I saw what had happened to the plane -- the entire top of the fuselage was burned through. And "authorities" were so quick to dismiss terrorist activity! WTF??? I'm no expert, but something is seriously wrong with this picture. Was this a false-flag incident or an assassination attempt gone wrong? Who knows ... but I still think it's a miracle. Either that or it's phony as hell. Who knows anymore???

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A message from John Paul Jones

Today is the 266th anniversary of the birth of John Paul Jones, so I thought I'd reprise a quote from one of his letters to Lafayette (via Jefferson). It seems especially relevant today.

"I am glad that the new Constitution will be, as you tell me, adopted by more than Nine States. I hope however they will alter some parts of it; and particularly that they will divest the president of all Military Rank and command; for though General Washington might be safely trusted with such tempting power as the Chief Command of the Fleet and Army, yet, depend on it, in some other Hands it could not fail to Overset the libertys of America. The President should be only the first Civil Magistrate, let him command the Military with the Pen; but deprive him of the power to draw his Sword and lead them, under some plausible pretext, or under any Circumstances whatever, to cut the throats of a part of his fellow Citizens, and to make him the Tyrant of the rest." [Source: Jefferson papers, Sept. 9, 1788]

Believe it or not, John Paul Jones is the reason I started this blog in the first place. I don't have to speculate on how he'd feel about the current state of the United States of America -- I've studied enough about the man to know he'd be absolutely horrified, but not particularly surprised. You see, he and his crew were never paid in their own lifetime for their capture of the Serapis (one of the most famous naval battles in US history). When Jones died in Paris at the age of 45 -- poor and sick, his name unjustly smeared and despised -- he wasn't even given a state funeral. Jones and his crew, willing to give their lives for the cause of liberty, were used and casually tossed aside by the same money-junkie scum who are pulling the strings today. Jones never did stop fighting for justice. Let us continue his fight. This blog is dedicated to his memory.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Matter of Character

We're coming up on the anniversary of the 7/7/05 bombings in London. One of the things that really struck me about those bombings is that one of the accused taught disabled kids. I'm the parent of a severely disabled child myself, and I just couldn't wrap my head around that one. I'm not one of those people who automatically assumes that a Muslim-sounding name equals someone who could be a terrorist, despite their other qualities. I looked into the biographies of the other men accused, and I was greatly disturbed by the fact that most were described to be exceptionally good people by their friends and neighbors.

I know a little about psychological profiling. I seriously thought about writing my Master's Thesis on using geographic profiling to catch serial killers (I loved programming Geographic apps and relish a good mystery ... it was a natural fit). I read plenty of books about profiling serial killers and mass murderers (I guess they're not *technically* terrorists ...) and one thing they were most likely to have in common is something they share with George W. Bush -- a history of being cruel to animals (Bush was known to blow up frogs up with firecrackers). The point of what I'm saying is that people are fairly consistent. The willingness to blow up a random group of people doesn't suddenly develop overnight, nor is it especially prevalent in people with unpronounceable names. When I saw the confusion and distress (I actually heard a mentor cry over the phone) of people who knew Jahar Tsarnaev confronted with his supposed acts of terrorism by the press, I knew something was terribly wrong.

I know there are some people out there who think Jahar Tsarnaev is as fake as the Boston Bombings themselves. I'm not willing to totally discount that possibility ... I mean, just the name, "Dzhokhar" conjures up the character of "the Joker" which seems to be a theme for these false flag events, and I'm not sure Adam Lanza was a real person. But Jahar had a twitter account with almost 2,000 tweets, and I'm certain that account belonged to an actual person. Here are some things about him that make me seriously doubt he would be the type to willingly destroy the lives of random people for some ill-defined cause that makes no sense whatsoever:

Boston bombing suspects wanted to fit in, friends say

A Letter From A Former Classmate
"About three semesters back, I took the same philosophy class as Jahar. He sat three chairs away from me on one of further tables of the lecture room. We would frequently get paired up with two other people for group discussions on the course readings. He always contributed more to the discussions than the rest of us although he mentioned he never took a glance at the course textbook. When the other's talked he paid attention to them and always nodded his agreement. This one nerdy girl in our group always wrote down everything the students and the teacher said. She will always ask us if we could repeat something or slow down. Sometimes Jahar and I will give each other knowing looks and stifle a laughter but he was really patient with her and he didn't seem to mind when she asked him to repeat something several times. He was really considerate and laid back."

"Then there was one time when we had to discuss a chapter on ethics and religion and I noticed that Jahar hasn't said anything at all. He was just drawing on the desk. The nerdy girl though passionately voiced her opinion on the topic. She kind of went off track and start talking about how she disapproves of many different religious values and everything and I just stopped listening to her after a while. Then out of the blue Jahar starts adding things to the discussion. At first little stuff then he starts revealing things in a low voice that Muslims do within the privacy of their community. Stuff that they are never supposed to reveal to non-Muslims. He told us that Muslims are actually required to eat bacon with every meal because pork contains spiritual properties that bring them closer to God, and that every Muslim secretly binge drinks on wine during fasting, and that mosque leaders give them private lessons on how to become world leaders and how to begin a crusade against non-believers. I was completely intrigued. He said everything so convincingly and was so sure of himself. The nerdy girl was eating it all up too. She was writing it all down. When the girl finished writing the last of his words, she looked up at him probably expecting him to say more but all he did was look her and said "now, if you believed everything you just wrote, do us a favor and go bury yourself" and just smiled at her. The other person and I just looked at each other in complete shock and start laughing so loud the professor gave us an annoyed look.

"You might think that it is mean that Jahar embarrassed the girl like that but she was so arrogant and actually believed everything he said (okay I admit I did too) that she kind of deserved it. Well that's what I thought. However when we were reaching the end of class and preparing to leave, Jahar was kind enough to approach her before he left to apologize for putting her on the spot. He even made her smile after that.

"Jahar and I were only classmates for that one semester and I never spoke him out of class. but I felt like those moments we had in class told me a lot about his character. More so than what the media could ever tell you about him. That is why I find it so hard to identify the boy from my philosophy class with the one on the news. The one on the news is a monster disguised as him"

This is Jahar's cat, Peep the Furball:

Quotes from Jahar's twitter account:

"15 billion was spent on the olympics, imagine if that money was used to feed those in need all over the world. I'm saying #endworldhunger" (8/16/12)

"I bought a pack of orbit today and the guy at the cash register asked if I wanted a bag. So I made him double bag it" (3/26/13)

"Share the love, the knowledge and the wealth" (2/24/13)

"Evil triumphs when good men do nothing"(3/20/13)

"We try to find ways to kill time but time kills us"

"Ain't no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people"(4/15/13, just after the bombing)

After Jahar's April 13th tweet, one guy replied "i use to play soccer with this guy when we were 12. Hes a nice guy. I doubt he did any of this. fuck the government"

"My last tweets felt too wrong, I don't like to objectify women or judge anyone for their actions" (12/24/12)

"I'll always break for a crossing squirrel" (12/12/12)

"broken iphone = broken heart" (12/7/12)

"i'm surprised that there are no celery related deaths, that's one mean vegetable"(12/5/12)

"A smile isn't just mouth movement, one can distinguish between fake & real smiles by the shimmer of happiness in the persons eyes" (12/4/12)

"you guys know that the suicide rate for active duty american soldiers is at an all time high for 2012, a suicide a day, whats the #problem?"(11/28/12)

"I was going to make a joke about Hamas but it Israeli inappropriate"(11/28/12)

"People that don't know how to apologize will be sorry one day"(11/9/12)

"Foreign to racism, never been a part of it"(10/22/12)

"wish for your brother what you wish for yourself"(10/17/12)

"idk why it's hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job, I mean I guess fuck the facts y'all are some real #patriots #gethip"(9/1/12)

"changed majors, boutta try to become a nurse"(6/26/12)

"little kids bring nothing but joy into the house and a lot of noise too"(6/19/12)

"I don't care how poor someone thinks he is if he has a loving family, he is rich beyond measure."(6/1/12)

"i didn't become a lifeguard to just chill and get paid, i do it for the people, saving lives brings me joy #lifeguardoftheyear"(5/29/12)

"my niece is the cutest in the world"(5/24/12)

[Here's a video of Jahar teasing his niece, Tamerlan's daughter]

[Neighbor: Boston Bomber Dzhokhar was a 'lovely kid']

Monday, July 1, 2013

Solidarity with the Gitmo Hunger Strikers

"The hunger strike at Guantanamo is entering its sixth month. Of the 166 men still detained in the US prison – 86 of whom have been cleared for release – at least 120 are estimated to be on hunger strike in protest of their indefinite detention. Though figures are revised regularly the US now says that it is force-feeding 44 of the men." -- YubaNet.com

from Open letter to Obama — Visit Guantanamo on your next prison tour:
"Dear President Obama,: Your visit to Nelson Mandela, and his former prison cell, was the right thing to do as guest head of state. The same may be expected of future leaders paying tribute to the closing of Guantanamo Bay detention center."

Diane Wilson of CODEPINK jumps over White House fence

CODEPINK Force-Feeding Demonstration

Unbridled Truth from Ken O'Keefe

I really like this guy, a former US Marine who was also on board the Mavi Marmara. Hat tip to Zen Gardner.