Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I don't have much to say today, but I wanted to make sure I saved the link for this interesting article: Controlling The Minds Of The Masses: How It Is Done And Why. The article speaks, among other things, about how knowledge about archetypes (think Jung) have been used by secret societies and mystery schools for centuries to control the populace. I personally believe this is very true and it would behoove the general populace to learn more about them.

If I don't get a chance to post again before then, Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy New Year! :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

9-11 was an inside job!

Let's stop treating 9-11 like it was some "special case" and start rationally looking at it like we would any other crime. What does any investigator look for in a crime?

* Motive
* Opportunity

Who really "cleaned up" on 9-11-01? Who won big? The Taliban?? The Iraqis??? (!) I'd say amongst the major beneficiaries were the Bush administration, the owner of the twin towers lease (Larry Silverstein), and several war profiteering companies like Raytheon, Halliburton, and the Carlyle Group (Gee, who had interests in the Carlyle Group on 9-11-01? George Bush Sr. and the Bin Laden family?? Wow, what a coincidence!).

-- Okay, so what was the president doing on 9-11-01? It would be very telling to find out. So look it up. Let me help you get started: one of the most chilling things I've ever seen starts at about 1hr :02 min on this documentary: . These are the moments directly after Andy Card supposedly tells Bush "America is under attack." And Bush just sits there listening to children read. And with each passing minute you can't help but squirm and think, "something is terribly wrong...(?!!)"

What was Cheney doing on 9-11? What was Porter Goss doing? Bush Sr.? Do some research. The answers are out there.

Scientists have published peer-reviewed research stating that explosives were found amidst the remains of the WTC. Who had the opportunity to plant explosives in these buildings? Who owned the companies in charge of security at the WTC and the airlines involved with the attacks? Don't think a bunch of box-cutter wielding fanatics needed any inside help? Then how do you explain how they brought down a 50-story building like WTC7 without even hitting it with a plane?

Look, there are well-established protocols that are supposed to take place automatically when a plane is hijacked. These protocols did not take place on 9-11-01. The Pentagon continues to be among the most heavily defended airspace in the world. And the only thing the public gets to see involving that attack are 5 frames of balatedly, begrudgingly given nonsense.

Wake up, people! We are being lied to! These lies have been used as a justification for 2 very expensive wars of aggression, not to mention an excuse to strip us of our rights! Silence is complicity. Something needs to be done. What are you willing to do about it?

Take action the 11th of every month:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

War Pigs

On my way to the library I happened to catch the lyrics of the old Black Sabbath song War Pigs, where Ozzy starts out comparing gathering generals to witches at black masses, plotting death and destruction to mankind. I thought about the inevitable troop surge in Afghanistan, and generals I've seen on TV (and real life, too ... don't forget about this incident). And I wonder about them. They're paper-pushers, mostly. And probably really good politicians. They probably don't think they're really bad people. But are they?

Surely they must know that 9-11 was an inside job. Attacking Afghanistan had nothing to do with catching Osama bin Laden and everything to do with geo-political standing, oil pipelines and the heroin trade. So what are we doing sending more troops into the quagmire? What are we doing sending unmanned drones to rain terror and death on hundreds of innocent civilians? In the old days, at least, generals fought with their men on the battlefields. Now we don't even send human beings to kill the innocent, we send remote-controlled airplanes.

As I listened to the song, I must say it reinforced my growing belief we are coming closer and closer to that Hour when God calls and the war pigs come crawling, begging mercy for their sins, and "Satan laughing spreads his wings."

We need to get out of Afghanistan, the sooner the better.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

End the Fed!

What you don't know about the Federal Reserve is hurting you.

This is one of my favorite articles for understanding the Federal Reserve: A Phone Call to the Fed by Dan Benham

Tomorrow is a nation-wide action day to protest the Federal Reserve. More info here:

Why was JFK assassinated 46 years ago? Could it be because he wanted to circumvent worthless Federal Reserve fiat money with money backed by silver? (Check out Executive Order 11110)

Why are the American people paying interest through the nose to a bunch of private bankers? Our country is crumbling. The gap between rich and poor has never been higher:

Learn about the unconstitutional criminal usury in our current monetary system. Strike the root!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fu-fu coffee

The last time I was fully employed with a decent-paying job was during summer break while I was in graduate school -- 9 years ago. I was a computer programmer and the job suited me very well. I was charged with making an application to measure water run-off, and I pretty much worked at my own pace, on my own time (a dream for me -- that's about the only way I *can* work). I remember being exceptionally proud of the final product. It was a serious challenge and I think I did an excellent job.

This was also the last time I had anything close to a "disposable income." It wasn't much -- I had a family to support, but I figure I had about $20 a day with which I could do whatever I wanted. Do you know what I spent it on, by and large? Fu-fu coffee. Fu-fu coffee is my name for the fancy-ass drinks you get at coffee bars: pumpkin lattes, mochas with a shot of peppermint ... if it was sweet and creamy I probably tried every flavor. Oh -- and because it was summer chances are it was iced or some sort of frappe. It's amazing how quick you can run through $20 a day if you hit the coffee bar more than once.

Talk about frivolous! The next 9 years I had to actually live on $20 a day. Try securing food and shelter on $20 a day! That's what the government expects you to do on SSI. But when I had "money" all that "disposable income" was poured into sweet frothy foam. And maybe a few cookies or a scone. I could say that was evil or senseless, but I know all too well why I did it.

It filled an emotional void. I didn't feel appreciated by anyone, and buying a fu-fu coffee was my way of appreciating myself. It was like filling up the gas tank of a perpetually needy ego. (I'm sure I told myself I needed the caffeine for the intellectual challenges of my work, but I know now that's bullshit.) Not an ounce of that coffee enriched my life or made me a better person in any way. (Well, maybe the time spent in contemplation, but I could've gotten that for free at the library.)

Now, as I sit in abject poverty, I contemplate all the useless crappy-ass junk my fellow Americans buy with their "disposable income." And I know they're about to get a giant wake-up call. I just happened to get mine early.

Friday, November 13, 2009


"We build too many walls and not enough bridges." -- Isaac Newton

I remember when the Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago. Here is another wall to be torn down:

When you look at the Earth from space you see there are no walls, no lines clearly demarcating the ever-changing borders on a globe. When I was a child the countries on my globe were a lot different -- there was a U.S.S.R. and a Rhodesia and a Yugoslavia. But the Earth kept turning and now all these places are gone, they were nothing more than constructs of the mind.

How much blood is spilled defending the unreal each year? Constructions of the mind that make what should be a beautiful planet a cold and lonely prison? I recall a verse from Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land:

As I went walking I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said "No Trespassing."
But on the other side it didn't say nothing,
That side was made for you and me.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Men Who Stare at Goats

I figured I'd post this article I found at rense, since I've not only met people like those featured in the movie, I'm actually an ongoing target of those who would try to use their minds to control others.

For those who wonder how the world suddenly seemed to turn into a wacky, energetically disturbed place, I'd encourage you to look into subjects like "remote viewing" and "remote influencing." I'm a bit curious as to why a subject that has been tamped down from public consciousness is suddenly the topic of a heavily promoted movie. I admit I haven't seen the film, but I remember browsing through the book at a bookstore a while ago. I'm sure it's just a limited hangout attempt to ridicule methods that believe me, are very definitely being used to shape public policy today ... but I sure hope it isn't also being used to try to recruit people into this dubious kind of work.

My words to people who want to be psychic warriors against people and forces they don't understand: this is dangerous shit. It's far easier to turn aggressive energy back against itself, just as in Judo, and if you start to think you can do anything because in fact, yes, it it is possible to hurt people with your mind, remember the rules of 'magick' ... anything bad that you do will come back to you threefold. But I'd certainly encourage people to learn how to defend themselves from aggressors in this sort of endeavor.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look for beauty in ugly places

I woke up the other morning with a thought:
Look for beauty in ugly places. There is a power in this. It is a trans-formative power, and it will make you strong.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cindy Sheehan's International People's Declaration of Peace


We the undersigned, as responsible citizens of this planet, hereby proclaim the urgent universal need for sustained security through peace, for present and future generations of the human family.

In order that we all may live and prosper in dignity, we acknowledge the need for a genuine worldwide commitment by all people to break the dehumanizing chains of the savageries of militarism, of economic exploitation, of slaveries, of torture, of killing, and of all aspects of the culture of war and brutality that compromise the very survival of civilization on this planet.

We proclaim that the present geo-political-economic-social system is fundamentally incapable of delivering us from the merchants of war and exploitation and is completely devoid of offering positive, alternative solutions. Thus we come together as brothers and sisters to strive for peace and our collective freedom from violence and other oppressions.

[read the rest here, on Cindy's blog]

Remember what I said about microchips and vaccinations?

Read the last paragraph of my August 7th entry.

Well, guess what? Today's article from Reuters says, "Shares of VeriChip Corp (CHIP.O) tripled after the company said it had been granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans."

Please think good and hard about what it means for every man, woman and child to be injected with microchips. It's worse than being tattooed with unique identifiers like Jews in a prison camp -- bodily functions can actually be monitored and controlled from a distance with technology now in existence. What about future technology, or stuff we don't even know about? Please do your research, folks. Injecting everybody with microchips would strip everyone of any semblance of privacy. I speak more about this on my radio commentary We're People, Not Numbers (press the red button to download).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This sounds like something out of Revelation 13 ...

Here's a story from the Boston Globe dated from last fall: Boston Launches Flu Shot Tracking (using a "bracelet printed with a unique identifier code.")

I don't want to scare anyone, this seems like a nightmare scenario from a Steven Spielberg movie, but I have to say I've been worried about something like this for a long time: Female Soldier Warns of Swine Flu Road Stops Starting Oct. 15, 2009
(youtube video)

9/11 TRUTH CANNOT BE STOPPED! - Sept 11, 2009 NYC

From the youtube site:

It rained all day, but nothing could dampen the spirits of the 9/11 Truth activists that gathered in New York City last Friday for the eighth anniversary of the WTC attacks. The crowd was pulsing with positive energy and this video contains highlights of the march through downtown Manhattan. You won't see this on the major TV networks (unless you live in Russia) so help out by sending this video to everyone you know!

Special thanks to everyone who came and gave support, and to WeAreChange for organizing the event

Please rate, comment, share, and leave video responses! Thanks for watching! Shot in anamorhpic 16:9 on my old hi8 video camera


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two brave men released from prison

Yey! Muntader al-Zaidi -- the guy who threw his shoes at Bush -- was released from an Iraqi prison yesterday ... unfortunately he claims he was tortured and the CIA is still out to get him.

Another guy I was sorry to see go to prison, former Congressman James Traficant, gets it right when he criticizes Israel:

Monday, September 14, 2009

Where Do The Children Play?

I've always liked this song by Cat Stevens, and the Lorax by Dr. Seuss, this powerful video brings them together very nicely.

If you're at all concerned about the environment, keep in mind that one of the very best things you can do for it is to simply stop eating meat. I just read this featured article on Portland Indymedia, it's very thought provoking.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Shine a light on September 11th ...

In the week after Sept. 11th, 2001, thousands of Muslims, including many Iranians, lit candles for victims of terrorist acts in the USA. America has been such a bad neighbor since then, it's been easy to forget how much support she had worldwide in the immediate aftermath of these horrible crimes. This year, how about lighting a candle and putting it in your window in an act of solidarity and rememberance? Here's a website that talks about it: Light the Night for Peace and Friendship. I participated in this last year, too. If you're worried about catching your curtains on fire, battery-operated tea candles are fairly cheap and worry-free, plus they're great for candlelight vigils on windy days!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Rock the Planet -- Noon, Sept. 11, 2009

What does this mean to you?

Agribusiness doesn't want you raising your own food.

Learn more about legislation in the works to make it cost-prohibitive to raise your own livestock: I'll Give Up My Chicken When They Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands

How about your right to a backyard garden?

There's something almost surreally evil about huge corporations steering government legislation to make it legal for them to patent life, tinker with our food by splicing its genes (and not telling us), but trying to make it illegal or unfeasible to raise our own food!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Videos for the New World Order

If this International Swine Flu Conference sounds scary to you:

Remember, you have a choice.

Here are some hopeful videos about coming world changes featuring Gregg Braden (Fractal Time and the Secret of 2012):

Thursday, August 20, 2009

CIA hired Blackwater contractors for secret hit squad

When you consider that Blackwater was also hired by the government to help "re-establish order" after hurricane Katrina, that information is more than a little chilling, isn't it?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Rima E. Laibow on Swine Flu

I ran across this video quite by accident. This woman seems very calm, reasonable and highly knowledgeable about her subject, and from what I witnessed of the crazy scare-mongering last spring ... I can't help wondering, "what if this is true?"

Anyway, she presents a bizarre and frightening scenario regarding the "swine flu pandemic" and how it might be used to detain those who refuse to be vaccinated in one of the newly commissioned FEMA camps.

Update: it turns out that Rima E. Laibow is a psychologist who just happens to be married to General Albert Stubblebine, former head of the US Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981-84. So let that information color what she says in this video! <:(

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What do Willie Nelson, Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen have in common?

They all question the official story of what happened on 9-11.

Here are some people who agree with them:

Support the NY City ballot measure to have a real investigation of 9-11 with subpoena power:

Learn the truth. The 9-11 commission was a whitewash and a sham, that didn't even cover why WTC 7, a 47-story building that was never hit by a plane, collapsed in its own footprint at near-free fall speed hours after the twin towers did the same thing. 9-11 took thousands of American lives and provided the justification for two destructive invasions. Rescue and recovery workers are still dying from inhaling the toxic dust they were never warned about by the EPA. Our country will not heal until its citizens are prepared to demand and act on the truth.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Military to help with Swine Flu Innoculations this fall?!

That's what Fox News is saying, apparently. Say, what ever happened to Posse Comitatus (an act that says the military remain separate from domestic law enforcement)? Oh yeah, I guess that went out with most of our Bill of Rights and Habeus Corpus after 9-11 scared Americans so much they willingly handed over all the freedoms their ancestors risked their lives for.

(Youtube link)

What is going on here? Doesn't anyone remember the fiasco of the 1976 Swine Flu vaccinations, where hundreds died and thousands were paralyzed after being vaccinated? (Only one person died from Swine Flu itself).

Another thing that makes me suspicious is that Fox News is saying that the people most at risk from the H1N1 virus happen to be military-aged people. You know, the people who might fight back in case of martial law and the overturning of our constitution.

What else might the military be injecting into people? You know, they can inject computer chips in people these days. Does anyone recall the Book of Revelations, 13:16-18? Please, have some sense of perspective before you rush to get vaccinated.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I want to see

... kites flying in the air over Gaza, not missiles and bombs.

My oldest son is 11. When I see stories like this, I don't know whether to cry out in anger or grief, but the tears flow freely regardless, and I'm in a public place. Societies are judged by how they treat their most vulnerable, and how they treat the dead.

Let us pray for a future with a lot more kites.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just came out with a new report:
Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity

This is personal for me because my nine-year-old son doesn't speak in complete sentences due to his autism. Yet, appearently, people are lining up to be guinea pigs to test Swine Flu vaccinations, which will supposedly be all the rage this fall.

Vaccinations can kill people, folks, and so can fear. Please remember to keep some sort of perspective when the "Mighty Wurlitzer" [ ] starts pumping out the scare propaganda against the next "Global Pandemic."

From the CDC: About 36,000 Americans die on average per year from the complications of (regular, garden variety) flu.

As of July 2, 170 Americans died from the H1N1 virus, the hyped-up strain of "Swine Flu" that closed down schools by the dozen last spring.

Cui Bono? (Who Benefits?) -- Always a good question to ask when others tell you to be afraid.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life without money

I was intrigued by the title of this article:

I admire people like that, and I can't help but wonder if we aren't headed for times where the greenback will be essentially worthless:

Monday, July 20, 2009


Don't know much about it? You really ought to, because it's been said that it can it steer hurricanes, create earthquakes, even affect your mind. Here's a CBC broadcast on it:

Book: Angels Don't Play This Haarp: Advances in Tesla Technology

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I made it to Ft. Wayne!

Thanks for everyone who sent me their kind thoughts and prayers. I very badly needed to get away. I was suffocating myself with encrusted habits and collecting so much junk in my tiny room there was no space for me. I've been able to visit my two wonderful sons after a year and a half, and I feel like I'm finally able to breathe.

Too bad one can't say the same for the families of the as-yet unvindicated "perpetrators" of the 7/7/05 London bombings:

I don't have a lot to say in my blog today, I haven't been able to keep up with the news lately, but I do want to let everyone know I made it to Indiana safely.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Moving out of San Francisco

It's getting way too expensive for me to stay here so I'm afraid I'll have to do my blogging somewhere else. I'd appreciate all the kind thoughts and prayers you could send my way, it's never easy to uproot oneself, esp. after they've stayed way longer than is their custom, as I've done here (can you blame me? I think San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the world! I sure had to put up with a lot of crap to stay here though).

I've heard this was a really good article, I've only had time to read half of it, though ... The Great American Bubble Machine.

What a disappointment this administration has turned out to be! Looks like Obama staged his first coup in Honduras after the Western hyped-up mess in Iran failed to acheive the results the CIA wanted. Then, in another colossal monument of hypocrisy, it's terror on the high seas as Israeli pirates hijack "the Spirit of Humanity" with a nobel prize winner and one of my personal heros, Cynthia McKinney, on board.

Obama's not going to save us, folks. He's a repeat of the Great Disappointment of 2006 -- the Democratically controlled House and Senate. Nothing's changing, people have just gotten complaisant. This may be a very dangerous time for us all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why do we give $$ to Israel when our states are broke?

Calif. Aid Request Spurned By U.S.

According to this website, the U.S. is providing Israel with at least $7.0 million each day in military aid:

And you know what? We can't afford these stupid wars we've been funding, either.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The dangerous ease of being silent

I've been meaning to write about ...

the 20th anniversary of China's "spring of '89"

the disconnect modern people have from our politics, our food, our land, our communities, our relationships ...

the horror of knowing some of those pictures from Abu Ghraib Obama now refuses to release include the rape of children

... but it turns out that I never quite found time to do any of that. Can you blame me? It's true I don't get much time on the Internet, I don't have my own computer, my life is one continuous struggle and the state of California cut my benefits twice this year while my rent just went up, and I never had enough money to cover the bills even before that, but ...I really am sorry. I'll try to do better. If I don't write about these things, that's just one less voice that's trying to say that it *cares*, and it seems like a lonely wilderness out here ...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

9-11 Lessons From Star Trek

For all you fellow original Trek fans :)

Video by ThoughtCrime7
From the Star Trek episode "Day of the Dove"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This about says it all for the last 8 years ...

Paul Krugman, blogging at the New York Times:

"Let’s say this slowly: the Bush administration wanted to use 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. So it tortured people to make them confess to the nonexistent link. There’s a word for this: it’s evil.”

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another 11th

As usual, I handed out flyers at San Francisco's cable-car turnaround with a loose band of like-minded activists. If you're still not ready to wrap your mind around the idea that the conspirators behind the horrible events of Sept. 11th, 2001 extend far beyond bin Laden and a few dozen cave-dwelling Muslems, I recommend the following movies (free on the web):

9/11: Press for Truth

Loose Change Final Cut

More 9-11 documentaries and all sorts of materials for activists can be found here:

Truth starts with you.

How can we not prosecute these crimes?

Don't tell me private Lynndie England instigated this on her own:

Don't tell me her and her boyfriend were the "bad apples" who orchestrated what Seymour Hersh charged in a speech to the ACLU -- children being sodomized in front of women at Abu Ghraib:

There can be no healing without justice. There must be a full investigation of these alligations. If American taxpayers financed the torture of innocent human beings, they are complicit until they demand one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I haven't written here for a while, sorry. First of all, I don't seem to have the time, and second of all ... I'm just sick of the crap that's going on that everyone's talking about but no one seems to really *think* about. Like the torture memos.

The torture memos are sickening. But anyone who has been paying attention knew that stuff was going on all along ... or at least they should have known ... after all, there are people we have held without charges who have now been released and they've already described much worse horrors from Guantanamo.

I've heard pundits talk endlessly about the "political implications" of the memos, but no one is getting to the hard-core, nitty gritty, emotional reality these memos try to defend. Like the torture of children.

I'm running out of Internet time, but I'll leave you with a scary blog entry about "Swine Flu" (Mike Rivero from calls it "When Pigs Fly" Flu. Because it's a cross between Avian and Swine Flu, and if you think that happened without the help of some lab, I have a flying pig to sell you ...) :

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why did the eagle cross the road?

Why did the US send troops to Afghanistan?
-- To get Osama bin Laden!
It's been 7 years. Where is he?
-- Uh ... I dunno ...

Why did the US send troops to Iraq?
-- Because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction!
It's been 6 years. Where are they?
-- Uh ... I guess they weren't there ...

Why did the US send Obama to the White House?
-- They wanted change!
Okay. Where is it?

I hope we aren't asking these same questions in four years, folks ...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traces of explosives in 9/11 dust, scientists say

This from Salt Lake City's newspaper, Deseret News:

"Physicist Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after the school recoiled from the controversy surrounding his 9/11 theories, is one of nine authors on a paper published last week in the online, peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal. Also listed as authors are BYU physics professor Jeffrey Farrer and a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark."

Check it out!

And don't forget, every 11th of the month is Truth Action day.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Questions to ask yourself about 9-11

If the government was willing to lie about the safety of first responders who rushed in to help search for bodies after 9-11 (thousands are sick now), and the media is largely covering up this massive story, doesn't it make you wonder if they could possibly be lying about how a dozen Arabs took down three massive skyscrapers with boxcutters?

More food for thought ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Clan of the Cave Banker

[I used to write short stories all the time, but lately I've been either too distracted or depressed to write any fiction at all. This is probably the last "short story" (really a parable) I've written, and seeing how it's even older than this blog and seems to be particularly relevent these days, I thought I'd post it. It's not my best work, but I hope you like it anyway.]

This is the story of Arg, Og, and Ug ... three powerful men of prehistoric times. Arg was the mighty leader of the Mammoth Clan. Og was the fearless leader of the Bear Clan. Ug was a wimpy but crafty smart guy.

The Bear Clan lived where there was a lot of flint, and they made great arrowheads. The Mammoth Clan lived where there was a lot of clay, and they made excellent pots. So, it would often happen that a representative from the Bear Clan would turn up at the Mammoth Clan's camp to trade arrowheads for pots, and vice-versa. At first, this arrangement was great, but as the two clans started to grow, diversify their products, and trade with other clans, things started to get a little complicated ...

"Say -- that's a nice spear, Og. I'll trade you two of my finest water jugs for it!"

"I'd have to see them first, Arg."

"Gee -- they're a bit heavy for me to bring to the Bear Caves without some kind of commitment."

"Hmm ... I've always admired your witch doctor Gorg's snakeskin rattle. Why don't you give him the pots in exchange for the rattle, bring the rattle to the Bear Caves and I'll let you have my spear?"

"But Gorg already has a lot of pots!"

"He does? Well, maybe he'd like this spiffy flint knife. I'll let it go for two dogs and a fishing net ..."

Things got so confusing, Arg and Og were grateful when Ug stepped in with his solution - a huge pot of little red shells.

"Wow!" exclaimed Arg. "These look just like the little white shells that pile up on the beach by the thousands, but they're red!"

"That's because they are the white shells that pile up on the beach by the thousands. I painted them red with my own special dye."

"So what do you want us to do with these useless, funny-looking things?" said Og, picking up a shell and examining it.

"Assign them a value that you both agree on: one shell for an ordinary pot, two shells for a fancy pot, three shells for a Mammoth hide ... "

"I get it!" shouted Arg. "Instead of lugging all our stuff around whenever we want to trade, we can use these little bitty shells to represent what they're worth!"

"Exactly," said Ug, wiping Arg's spittle from his beard.

"Great idea," said Og. "You give me half the shells, and Arg gets the other half ... "

"Now just hold your three-toed horses!" cried Ug, drawing back the pot. "These shells are mine. I'm the only one that knows how to make them. I'll let you borrow them, but you have to pay them back. With interest."

The clan leaders grunted, torn between clubbing the little twerp and scratching their beards with confusion.

"Let me get this straight," said Arg. "You give us a bunch of dopey red shells and so that we can say they're worth the same as a pot or a knife. But then we have to promise to give back even more of these shells than you gave us in the first place? Just how are we supposed to do that, if you're the only one that can make them?"

"Don't worry ... !" said Ug, in a voice that was even oilier than his hair. "I'll never call you on your interest. How could I? But I promise you - if you go along with this deal, you'll never go a month without me giving you a very nice present. It will be just like your own little money tree. How do you like them apples, boys?"

Arg and Og looked at each other, shrugged, then nodded in agreement. After all, it was just a worthless bunch of shells ...

Thus, Ug (and vicariously Arg and Og) became very rich. The shells were, in fact, a great idea, and trade boomed between the clans. Unfortunately, so did debt. For every thousand shells the Mammoth or Bear clans borrowed, they had to give Ug a thousand-shell "bond stick" that promised to pay him back the thousand shells plus whatever interest had accrued in the meantime.

Obviously, this gave Ug quite a bit of say in Arg and Og's respective governments. After all, he controlled their economy. All he had to do to throw a clan into poverty was raise their interest rates. Arg, worried about the power and influence Ug was extracting from his people, journeyed to the Bear Caves to hold a secret meeting with Og.

"I don't know about you, Og," said Arg, munching a roasted duck leg by the crackling fire, "But I'm getting pretty sick of Ug telling me how to run my clan, telling me who should be my successor, dragging off every young lady that catches his eye ... "

Og burped and tore into a mammoth rib. "That's the cost of doing business," he said between chews.

As if wielding a club, Arg smacked the ashes with his duck. "Now see here, Og! There's nothing special about Ug's shells except the fact that they're dyed. We both have our own dyes. Why don't we make our own money and give it to our people interest-free?"

Og sputtered and choked on his mammoth. "Are you crazy? And give up all of this -?" He gestured towards his zebra-skin rug, harem of Tiger Clan beauties, and carved rhinoceros horn.

"I don't know if you remember, but we never had it this good before Ug's money."

"We don't have anything. We're in debt up to our armpits. All this stuff is imaginary."

"Feels real to me!" laughed Og as he grabbed his Tiger Clan masseuse and swatted her bottom.

"Before, at least, we had our clans. Our people were proud and we'd earned their respect," lamented Arg, picking the skin off his spoiled bird. "You know, our best potter gave up potting to form a franchise. He hires pimply-faced kids to make cheap knock-offs that break after two weeks. Gorg the witch doctor won't dance for poor folks anymore. Now they have to see his first-year apprentice. People used to defer to my skill as a leader. Now, when they want something, they just throw money at me. My clan is sick, Og. I can't bear to see our culture die this way."

Og's face grew serious. "You know, if you try to get rid of Ug and his system, he'll have you removed, even assassinated."

Arg swallowed his duck with great difficulty, then nodded. He left the cave with his head hung low.

Og smirked the minute his rival was gone. "What a wuss." In truth, Og was just as sick of Ug's meddling as Arg was, but he didn't harbor any nagging worries that he had been reduced to a mere puppet. After all, who commanded the mightiest warriors of the Universe, the spear brigade of the Bear Clan? Og, and Og alone! First, he'd get into Ug's good graces and borrow a boatload of money on the pretext that he was going to get some non-borrowing clans "in-line;" then (oh glory!) Og would begin his predestined march to rule the world!!!

But, as mentioned before, Ug was a crafty smart guy - too crafty to let a borrower get too big to collect from. The minute he sensed that Og was becoming a threat, he threw money at Og's enemies inside the Bear clan to undermine him from within and financed Arg's war machine to menace him from without. There's nothing Ug loved more than a conflict! What better way to make a Clan borrow more than they could ever pay back? Not that they could pay him back anyway... as Og already pointed out, there was no way to pay back the principal on Ug's initial loan. The game was rigged, and the guy who made the money made the rules. The clans kept borrowing and borrowing (Ug liked to install leaders who spent more than they took in), their debt grew and grew, until it finally reached the point where every family owed Ug their land, their living, and their first-born child.

Sad, but that's about where we are today. In the United States, the part of Ug is played by the Federal Reserve. I read recently that each one of our children is born $100,000 in debt to this gang of unelected, unconstitutional private bankers. I doubt your house is worth more than the total debt accrued by those who live there. Obviously, these monetary forces have the power to send our children to die in unnecessary wars for bogus reasons. But it's not just the U.S. - we've had it pretty good for a number of years - the entire world has been enslaved to the likes of Ug, and his worthless pile of shells, stained with blood.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grrr ... this kind of stuff makes me mad!

Next thing you know the government will be banning people from having private gardens. They're already telling people they can't grow their own medicine, if that medicine happens to be cannibis or anything else that interferes with zombifying psycho-pharmecudical companies. At a time when we really need them because we can't afford to keep shipping in poisonous crap from China and GMO frankenfood from Monsanto Megafarms, they go and attack farmer's markets!

Change We Can Believe In: How About the End of Farmers Markets? Say Hello to H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

Here's a related video about "Codex Alimentarius":

Monday, March 9, 2009

Giving birth to ourselves

A comment on one of the blogs I follow said, "YOU ARE IN LABOR, (and all that entails) GIVING BIRTH TO YOURSELVES"

Another commenter said that reminded him/her of this essay, which I think is excellent, so I'll link to it here:

It's hard when you can't see where you're going. That's the crisis I'm in right now. Seems I've been here for ages.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Heads I Win; Tails You Lose

I remember my older brother trying to pull this stunt on me when I was six or something. I'm pretty sure I didn't fall for it then. So why are the American people falling for it now?

This is exactly the game corporate America and the bankers have been playing with us. When the housing market was booming, bankers were making money hand over fist trading derivatives and playing roullette with their depositor's own money. Did depositors ever see any of those winnings? Not hardly. They went to top execs and big bonus checks.

Now that the wheel has landed on double zero, who swallows the loss? The US taxpayer. While our neighbors get tossed out into the street and the average Joe's property value plunges, rich corporate fat cats keep their jobs, their obscene salaries, or drift on down to a private island courtesy of their golden parachutes.

Stuff like this is happening in Europe and the people are outraged (here's an amusing action taken on the Bank of Scotland). Meanwhile the American people just don't seem to get it.

When companies and services that were considered part of the "commons" became privatized, what's really happening is a natural monopoly and its accompaning resourses are being *stolen from the people.* This was done with reckless abandon starting with the Reagan administration. The argument was that it would make these services more effecient and offer Americans more "choice." In the end, all it did was make it more efficient to fire, cheat, and lie to Americans as they lost their oversight, and Americans got to choose whether they wanted to work at McDonald's or Wal-Mart after their good jobs got outsoursed to India.

So Joe Burgerflipper loses his house when he fails to pay his skyrocketing mortgage, but when banks and corporations fail, they're bailed out with taxpayer money! Yet where's the oversight? Nothing's changed -- the foxes are still in charge of the henhouse.

This is what's happening in America: They're privatizing all gains and socializing all losses. Heads I win, tails you lose.

What are they putting in our water, that most can't figure this out?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something rotten in New York State

A key member of 9-11 Family Steering Committee and Guantanamo activist Beverly Eckart(who just met with President Obama) , Rowandan genocide witness/human rights activist Alison Des Forges, and three demolition experts (contradicting the official 9-11 conspiracy story) were scheduled to be on flight 3407 which mysteriously dropped out of the sky on Friday the 13th. The evidence points more towards a EMF Pulse than icing on the wings to me. Here's a post from Indymedia:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's the 11th

Do your part to inform others (or at the very least, yourself) about the impossibility of the "official story" of what happened 9-11-01.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

More stuff on reincarnation

Okay, okay, I know I should start a whole separate blog on this subject, because in reality only 25% of Americans actually believe in reincarnation (though a majority of the world's population does ...) so there's not likely to be too large an interest with the people who already read my blog, which is mostly political in nature. And I suppose my fascination with it is likely to decrease my credibility on other issues, but *until I have time* to actually start and maintain a new blog, I've just got to link these fascinating sites somehow ...

If you've got an open mind, you've got to check out this webpage: The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy

This video is the most persuasive evidence I've seen so far about reincarnation: . The whole series is entirely convincing. If it were a hoax, they used academy award-winning actresses and spent ages engaged in expensive, painstaking research into some extremely obscure information.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've updated my favorite links a bit

Cindy Sheehan has a new website and a new radio show called "Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox." Check it out! Also, I've put up my friend Padri's blog called "Free the Wheat." It looks great from what I've seen, but I'll admit I haven't been able to read much of anyone's blog lately. Hey, Heather and Jeff, send me your blog addresses again so I can link those as well (if you want me to!).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who were you before you were born?

I was thinking of maintaining a separate blog to dedicate to esoteric matter much like Les Visible does with Visible Origami, but I don't blog enough as it is. Besides, what could be a better topic to discuss on a blog called "What They Don't Tell You" than the fact that we are much more than our physical body, and our consciousness will, in fact, survive our physical death.

Sometimes I liken humanity as an enormously wealthy immortal being suffering from Alzheimer's, being mercilessly abused by a greedy, coniving "caregiver." Think about it. What power would there be in immortality if you're stuck in a cycle of declining health followed by total amnesia every 70 years or so? But a benevolent God may have designed our lives this way if the object of life were, in fact, to learn spiritual lessons.

I've always believed in reincarnation (ironically only recently challenged on discovery of what may be a researchable past life). Over the years I've stumbled upon some otherwise baffling conditions that don't make sense if you accept the Western assumption that personality, talents and hang-ups come from only two things: Nature and Nuture.

Foreign Accent Syndrome:
Wherein people who have suffered damage to the part of the brain associated with speech suddenly acquire a foreign accent. The "scientific" claim is that this is simply due to the elongation of certain vowels making it "sound" like a foreign accent, but I beg to differ. I saw one (English)woman on youtube clearly speaking in a Jamaican accent, and another (American) clearly is speaking in a French accent. Both seemed genuinely embarrassed about this, but couldn't help it. And what do you make of this? -- Czech speedway rider knocked out in crash wakes up speaking perfect English

Gender dysphoria:
A "woman trapped in a man's body" or vice-versa. I would include transvestism in this category as well.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID):
This is a truly bizarre condition wherein the subject desires to have a limb amputated, and doesn't feel whole unless it is. Could this be the unconscious playing out of karma from another life? Dr. Ian Stevenson has done a lot of work correlating birthmarks and birth defects in children with injuries they claim to have incurred in a previous life. Check it out: (BTW, does anybody else see the similarity in the faces of Peter Stuyvesant and Gouverneur Morris? Both had wooden legs).

Savant syndrome and child prodigies
[For that matter, how does one account for the genius of Helen Keller, blind and deaf since she was a toddler, at perceiving and communicating her interpretations of the world? What about this painter who was born without eyes?]

Obviously, sexual dysphoria and BIID run counter to the Darwinian idea of "survival of the fittest." So nature should not account for these complex psychological conditions, both of which have compelled people to remove their own body parts. Both are *strongly* discouraged by our culture. This begs the question: are human beings motivated by something else outside biological and cultural imparitives?

Foreign accent syndrome and amazing, inexplicable skills by children and the severely handicapped are more benign conditions, but just as puzzling. These skills or attributes suddenly appear out of the blue. Is it possible to have access to resources outside the generally recognized realm of brain connections forged from years of habit and/or pratice?

I think it's possible to access memories, skills (and be bothered by neuroses) that stem from outside our current existence on Earth. But that's my take. If anyone else has a better explaination for these conditions, I'd like to hear it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Healing with sound

As the title implies, this is one of my more esoteric posts. Those who follow my blog/postings on other websites know that I'm deeply concerned about the use of directed energy "non-lethal" weapons/social control mechanisms that can be used covertly influence behavior or even torture people. "Directed energy" pretty much refers to energy waves, i.e. sound (light is an energy wave, too, on a higher frequency).

But the knife that cuts can be a scapel that heals. Since I've been on a fast and not so inclined to be running around lately, I've been more introspective searching around the Internet for ways to heal. (Well, mostly just youtube ...) Here are some sites I wanted to collect in a post for easy reference ...

Remake yourself.

Solfeggio Tones from Mountain Mystic 9

Chakra sound healing
[simple but effective]

[The first time I saw this, it struck me as so dopey and over-the-top, I had to laugh. It seemed like a perfect satire of the New Age Movement. But there is no question this woman really believes in what she's doing! And then I asked myself, how does this Western woman know how to throat sing like that? I mean, that's a pretty obscure tradition from Mongolia and it takes years of study to be able to do it well. I watched the video again, and everything she does is done with purpose. I sense she really is working with some powerful energy there ... or she believes she is, which is pretty much the same thing.]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fast to shut down Guantanamo prison

I'm on a new fast. This 11th I was at a San Francisco truth action as usual, but this Jan 11th also marks the 7th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison in Cuba. So after a couple hours of handing out "demand a new investigation of 9-11" literature, we were joined by a contingent of World Can't Wait with their orange jumpsuits, demanding an Guantanamo Bay shut down. Cindy Sheehan and many of her supporters were there, and Cindy spoke to the crowd, asking them to support her in a 9-day fast until Obama takes office to SHUT DOWN GITMO!!! Here's a news story about it: .

Need to do a lot of stuff on the internet, hope to blog more later ...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Been going to a lot of protests lately ...

I went to one this morning, this one on the 30th

and another one that shut down traffic when they started the ground invasion.

Once again, the news tried to ignore or distort the size and makeup of the protests, saying things like "hundreds of Arab-American protesters" when protesters numbered in the thousands and comprised a huge cross section of the American public, including many Jews. Today at the Federal Building where Nancy Pelosi's home office is, there was a whole Jewish band with us.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Why aren't UN peacekeepers putting a stop to Hamas's "oh-so-scary" rocket attacks (no one was killed until Israel started firing, BTW, and Gaza has food, water, gas and all entry and exit points blocked off to them.

I'm heartsick about what's going on in Gaza right now, and very worried this will be used as a springboard for a wider war -- meanwhile Israel continues its land-grab that has been going on for 60 years financed with American tax dollars ...