Thursday, May 29, 2014

Santa Barbara shooting ... more crisis actors?

I pegged this latest episode as being another staged event to shape attitudes on gun laws the minute I heard the father of one of the supposed victims, Chris Martinez, immediately pointing the finger at the NRA. Really? His son just died, and the first thing on his agenda is to become an anti-gun activist? As one person remarked, he seems almost giddy in this video:

Anyway, here's a video that talks about strange coincidences and numerology surrounding this event. BTW, 7 and 11 are among the most important numbers to occult circles (the "Sept" in September actually means 7, not 9). Also, the shooter's dad, Peter Rodger was Assistant Director for movie "The Hunger Games." The author of the "Hunger Games" is Suzanne Collins who happens to live in Sandy Hook, CT.

Isla Vista Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!! ”Is My Director Talking?”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boston Marathon's Pink Lady

Here's Peekay's clever discovery about this woman:

Some people claim this woman is Susanne Bump, MA state auditor.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Palestinian hunger strike against “administrative detention” enters 25th day

According to this article, "Some 120 Palestinian prisoners have been on hunger strike since April 24."

"Administrative detention is a sort of imprisonment without trial or charge that allows Israel to imprison Palestinians for up to six months. The detention order can, however, be renewed for an indefinite period of time."

Sounds like Kafka to me.

Friday, May 16, 2014

A 9-11 Mystery: Building 7

I watched a bit of the opening dedication of the 9-11 museum yesterday, but it was too much to bear hearing all the official bigshots lying about everything. Most people don't know about WTC7, a nearly 50 story building that collapsed completely to the ground at near free-fall speed that afternoon, despite the fact that it was never hit by a plane. This is the smoking gun as far as I'm concerned.
What was in this building? It housed a secret CIA office, among other things.

Here's Jesse Ventura's take on building 7:

Here's a new documentary from Winnipeg Alternative Media:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Boston Ambulances - Strangely Allergic to Bomb Scenes.

Here's another video by peekay that makes a good point ... (strong language, disturbing images)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dummy of a child used at the Boston Marathon Bombing?

[Frequent visitors to my blog know my opinion that the Boston Marathon bombing last year was a staged hoax, designed (among other things) to test America's reaction to martial law. Here is a video by peekay, who has done a lot of good work on this subject. Caution: salty language and disturbing images.]

[As peekay demonstrates in the following video, dummies have been used in other false flag incidents, too ... notably the TSA worker shootings by Paul CIAnCIA (another dummy?) at the LAX airport. Be sure to watch the end of the video where the legs make this particularly obvious.]

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When to be wary of "newsworthy events"

Over time I've come to see a lot of stuff put out by the "Mainstream Media" that, on closer analysis, turns out to be total bullcrap. Here are some clues I've come to know that immediately arouse my suspicion toward that end:

-- They mention "Al Qaeda"
-- Officials just happened to have just scheduled a drill immediately prior, on, or after the time that event occurred, addressing that very same type of event!
-- A big part of the news reports contain numbers that are very important to the Illuminati (death counts or dates with double or triple numbers, for example)
-- There is no video
-- There is no way to get the perpetrator's side of the story (usually because they are dead or have been shunted away to permanent isolation)
-- There are no black boxes
-- Despite an obvious breach of public safety and/or horrendous incompetence, NO ONE GOT FIRED!!!

Everyone thought the Boston Police did such a fine job capturing Jahar Tsarnaev. But when you think about it, the fact that this *unarmed* teenaged kid could have gotten away from the Boston police on April 19, 2013 after half the area's police force cornered him and his brother -- that would be an inexcusable cock-up of incredible proportions, if that is in fact what had happened. I mean, they shut down the entire town just to get this one kid. How could they have let him get away once they found him and his brother? And then no one ever got fired for this?

Jesse Ventura makes a good point here. No one gets fired because that would lead to investigations (and the fact the horrendous incompetence was part of the plan).