Thursday, May 29, 2014

Santa Barbara shooting ... more crisis actors?

I pegged this latest episode as being another staged event to shape attitudes on gun laws the minute I heard the father of one of the supposed victims, Chris Martinez, immediately pointing the finger at the NRA. Really? His son just died, and the first thing on his agenda is to become an anti-gun activist? As one person remarked, he seems almost giddy in this video:

Anyway, here's a video that talks about strange coincidences and numerology surrounding this event. BTW, 7 and 11 are among the most important numbers to occult circles (the "Sept" in September actually means 7, not 9). Also, the shooter's dad, Peter Rodger was Assistant Director for movie "The Hunger Games." The author of the "Hunger Games" is Suzanne Collins who happens to live in Sandy Hook, CT.

Isla Vista Crisis Actors EXPOSED!!! ”Is My Director Talking?”

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