Monday, May 12, 2014

Boston Ambulances - Strangely Allergic to Bomb Scenes.

Here's another video by peekay that makes a good point ... (strong language, disturbing images)

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One of the problems with commentators from afar working off of video data is that they simply aren't familiar with the nature of the surrounding environment and circumstances. I'm all in favor of breaking down the masquerade that was, but the opening presumptions here don't cut it. I'll make two comments. 1) The actual marathon runners is preceded by a marathon for disabled people in wheelchairs. Because they are wheeled and get a significant head start, they finish a half an hour before someone running and subsequently there are dozens and dozens of wheelchairs in the vicinity which were surely donated by or taken from the very tired competitors. Second, the nature of the finish line area in a massive international event is that it is to a very great degree closed off to traffic -- even emergency vehicles -- because the crowds are immense and dense. That's why there is a medical tent at the finish line staffed by top doctors and nurses to care for the dehydrated competitors and the few expected in a large crowd. See my own personal comments here: