Sunday, April 26, 2009

I haven't written here for a while, sorry. First of all, I don't seem to have the time, and second of all ... I'm just sick of the crap that's going on that everyone's talking about but no one seems to really *think* about. Like the torture memos.

The torture memos are sickening. But anyone who has been paying attention knew that stuff was going on all along ... or at least they should have known ... after all, there are people we have held without charges who have now been released and they've already described much worse horrors from Guantanamo.

I've heard pundits talk endlessly about the "political implications" of the memos, but no one is getting to the hard-core, nitty gritty, emotional reality these memos try to defend. Like the torture of children.

I'm running out of Internet time, but I'll leave you with a scary blog entry about "Swine Flu" (Mike Rivero from calls it "When Pigs Fly" Flu. Because it's a cross between Avian and Swine Flu, and if you think that happened without the help of some lab, I have a flying pig to sell you ...) :

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why did the eagle cross the road?

Why did the US send troops to Afghanistan?
-- To get Osama bin Laden!
It's been 7 years. Where is he?
-- Uh ... I dunno ...

Why did the US send troops to Iraq?
-- Because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction!
It's been 6 years. Where are they?
-- Uh ... I guess they weren't there ...

Why did the US send Obama to the White House?
-- They wanted change!
Okay. Where is it?

I hope we aren't asking these same questions in four years, folks ...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Traces of explosives in 9/11 dust, scientists say

This from Salt Lake City's newspaper, Deseret News:

"Physicist Steven E. Jones, who retired from Brigham Young University in 2006 after the school recoiled from the controversy surrounding his 9/11 theories, is one of nine authors on a paper published last week in the online, peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal. Also listed as authors are BYU physics professor Jeffrey Farrer and a professor of nanochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark."

Check it out!

And don't forget, every 11th of the month is Truth Action day.