Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When to be wary of "newsworthy events"

Over time I've come to see a lot of stuff put out by the "Mainstream Media" that, on closer analysis, turns out to be total bullcrap. Here are some clues I've come to know that immediately arouse my suspicion toward that end:

-- They mention "Al Qaeda"
-- Officials just happened to have just scheduled a drill immediately prior, on, or after the time that event occurred, addressing that very same type of event!
-- A big part of the news reports contain numbers that are very important to the Illuminati (death counts or dates with double or triple numbers, for example)
-- There is no video
-- There is no way to get the perpetrator's side of the story (usually because they are dead or have been shunted away to permanent isolation)
-- There are no black boxes
-- Despite an obvious breach of public safety and/or horrendous incompetence, NO ONE GOT FIRED!!!

Everyone thought the Boston Police did such a fine job capturing Jahar Tsarnaev. But when you think about it, the fact that this *unarmed* teenaged kid could have gotten away from the Boston police on April 19, 2013 after half the area's police force cornered him and his brother -- that would be an inexcusable cock-up of incredible proportions, if that is in fact what had happened. I mean, they shut down the entire town just to get this one kid. How could they have let him get away once they found him and his brother? And then no one ever got fired for this?

Jesse Ventura makes a good point here. No one gets fired because that would lead to investigations (and the fact the horrendous incompetence was part of the plan).


james said...

Good points, Jody.
Another tell-tale for me is asking the question, "What should have happened and didn't?"
I find it is a very good indicator of state involvement in terrorism.

Jody Paulson said...

Right on, James. A lot of this is plain old common sense. Huge skyscrapers don't just fall flat into their own footprints ... if they did, where would that leave us? There are certain safety procedures which are in place to prevent catastrophe ... except when these false flags are supposed to go down. And yet when they're violated, no one sues? Another clue is when web sites set up for "victim donations" shows up immediately after the event (if not before?!).