Monday, April 18, 2016

What is a Superdelegate, Exactly? (video by Red Silver J)

This is why voting in the United States primaries is an exercise in futility. The entire election system in the United States must be overhauled, actually. It's a sham, a fraud, a bread and circus freak show designed to keep Americans believing that they are actually being listened to. It's not that the people don't have power, but they are being sweet-talked into believing that all they have to do is get out and vote. First, you have to understand they are just humoring you if you think your vote really matters.

Again, I'm not saying people don't have the power, but thinking that voting and petitions and protests are enough at this stage of the game is naive. Real action (or non-action in the form of strikes) needs to be taken to prevent corporations, banksters, and psychopaths from destroying the world. I think Obama and his "hopey-changey" song and dance was a clear demonstration of what happens when people put their trust into people and institutions that don't really help anything.

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