Monday, April 9, 2007

Taking individual action

I recently saw a post on Portland Indymedia that showed a great example of educational freeway blogging ( ). We need this type of thing more than ever.

Now that mainstream media has revealed itself to be nothing more than a propaganda arm of certain monied interests, and is definitely not doing its perceived job of informing the public, people who go out of their way to stay informed need to find ways to get positive, pro-active, and educational messages out to the more passive and clueless masses. Why? If you really need reasons, how about:

1) preventing WWIII
2) turning the tide of corporate fascism
3) saving your own butt (the well-informed will be among the first sent to the FEMA camps, you know)

I commented that I'd like to start a blog that dealt with nothing but ideas towards this end, but I was afraid I wouldn't have the computer resources to be able to keep it up. And I probably don't (though I'm well inclined to do so ... if I had a computer I'd probably spend all day on it). Anyway, I did post this article about a year ago to several different locations ... that's a start, anyway. More on this subject later as I've done a lot of thinking about it ...

Sick of sitting around waiting for the next anti-war protest?

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