Thursday, October 16, 2014

More stuff on Ebola predictive programming

[Frame from a 1997 episode of "the Simpsons"]
For those who don't believe there's anything to this "predictive programming" stuff, I challenge you you take a minute out of your day, and watch this video posted in 2010 (you might want to enlarge it to full screen). It shows a frame from the video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops." If you look at the red letters on the timer (or whatever), you can see the numbers "47093" which happens to spell "Ebola" when viewed upside down (okay, well, you can argue that the upside-down number 4 doesn't exactly look like an "A," but note this particular version of the numeral has a closed top, instead of the more common version of a "digital" number 4 with an open top, which would make it an "h").

Anyway, one of the words on the screen is "Zombies." Free Radio Revolution's youtube channel has done a great job tying the Ebola crisis with this meme that seems to be pushed rather hard by the mainstream media lately. That and the color green. People who follow my blog know that I suspect the comic book character "Batman" has played a crucial role in "predictive programming" lateley ... well, think of the Joker. Lately he's been portrayed as a "zombie-like" figure with green hair, hasn't he? What other weird stuff have we seen with the Joker meme? "Dzhokar" Tsarnaev, the alleged "Boston Bomber". Jerad Miller, the guy who shot two police officers at CiCi's pizza in Las Vegas. The Aurora Batman movie shooter, James Holmes. And then of course there's poor Heath Ledger, who actually played the Joker, and died under suspicious circumstances.

(A bit of warning: Jeff C. from Free Radio Revolution is another one of those guys that swears a lot. I will also point out that most media people know better than to wear a green dress before they go on camera, in case they're filmed in front of a green screen.)

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