Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beginning of Syrian invasion?

You almost could have predicted what happened yesterday ... it was Fall Equinox, and these NWO types love to start things on pagan holidays. In fact, Iraq invaded Iran on the same day in 1980.

I don't expect hostilities to end any time soon. What's the exit strategy for a war against a nebulous, self-invented enemy like ISIS? Or whatever they're calling it now. Ever notice that certain people call it ISIS, others ISIL ... just like you never hear the big officials call 9-11 "9-11" ... they always call it "September 11th." I think there's a reason for that. These guys play these weird games with language, I think because they truly believe "the devil is in the details." And maybe he is. I didn't used to believe in the devil, but let me tell you something, over the past dozen years or so, I've changed my mind on that particular subject. Les Visible believes that the devil ultimately serves God, and I believe this is true. I certainly don't see them on the same standing. Or maybe it all depends on ones perception. But until the ultimate reveal, it pays to scrutinize the fine print. This is a test of awareness. They get away with a lot of nasty stuff just because the average guy wasn't paying attention.

I don't know if Congress is still going to be on vacation for weeks, but I want people to understand that this bombing Syria thing is a big deal. I don't see these guys stopping their bombing any time soon, do you? I think they want to take this straight to Damascus, which they hope will then pull in Iran. This could be the start of WWIII. Even if not, I want people to see what "collateral damage" means. Let's end this NOW, the sooner the better!

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