Saturday, September 27, 2014

Crisis Actors Are EVERYWHERE!! David Haines Daughter's Duping Delight (video)

The latest video from freeradiorevolution. This is the worst acting I've seen so far. She doesn't even try to look upset that her father was just beheaded.

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Anonymous said...

Dose of Reality with Brian S. Staveley, Justin Cooke, James Sloan - 09 / 24 / 2014 - Media Fakery Marathon Show: From 9-11 to Sandy Hoax to the Boston Legless Marathon, the Moon Landing Hoax, Fake Beheadings and Beyond

Deep Immersion Interactive Webpage - Open While Listening to Audios to Follow-Along with Evidence Presented - Pause Audio, Study Images, Watch the Videos Mentioned, Re-Start Audio, as needed, etc.

~ Negentropic