Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is the beheading of James Wright Foley a fake "Nick Berg style" rerun?

Let me tell you straight up. I was conscious of mass media deception at the time of Nick Berg's "beheading" back in 2004, and I researched the topic thoroughly. The video was a fake, through and through. There were plenty of reasons for it, one of which was surely as a distraction; the incident occurred immediately after the horrific images of Abu Ghraib torture were released to the public (I recall Reagan died around this same time as well. I wonder if they hadn't been keeping him in cold storage :P).

Berg's execution(?) almost surely was done in the same locale as the Abu Ghraib pictures were taken. They had him in an identical orange jumpsuit and the exact same kind of plastic chair as the ones depicted in the torture photos! Now I ask you, why would Islamist militants put an American prisoner in an orange prison jumpsuit??? And use the same kind of cheesy Western plastic chair? I remember they also wore gold wedding rings, which I've heard are not used by strict Muslim extremists. The guy who spoke at Berg's execution had the wrong Arabic accent, and the guy who executed Foley had a British accent. And just like Jeff Bauman's leg in the Boston Bombing, though a major artery was supposedly severed, Berg's neck did not spurt any blood. I haven't seen the video of James Wright Foley yet, but I don't have to. I know ISIS is fake, a Western concoction created to justify American intervention in the Middle East, just like Al CIA-duh. I call Bullshit.

Here's some more commentary on Nick Berg by Marc Rerkel Rantz.

*** UPDATE ***

I just saw the Foley video. FAKE!!! They didn't show the actual beheading, but they showed the aftermath. A guy on youtube pointed out that a different knife was shown before and after the beheading. The carotid artery DID NOT "spurt," and the dead body looks a bit like a dummy with a digitally attached head on top of its back.

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Bryan said...

Totally fake. It's almost a joke at this point.