Tuesday, December 23, 2014

NYPD Shooting: Fake fuel to fire up a race war?

When I first heard about the NYPD shooting on the news, I was immediately suspicious, as I always am whenever the media touts something 24/7. You can be sure whenever they do that it's because it fits an ongoing agenda. It may be fake, it may be real, but it serves the agenda of whoever it is that decides what we see on the news. Important stories happen every day, but some things get covered and others don't. It's obvious to me that whoever decides what's going to be on the news these days wants to increase the tension between police and protesters, or they wouldn't be waving this in everyone's face.

First off, there's the race of the officers. There are plenty of lily-white guys on the NYPD. But this guy, who clearly wanted to make a political statement, shoots an Asian and a Latino. Why? Once again, there is no video of the actual killing, which you would expect from a dash cam or something, wouldn't you? I also noted that on every news channel I have cable access to (CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS) they used an unusual term describing the killing -- "assassination." Whenever they do that, you know there was something coordinated beforehand, agreeing on specific language to be used. They did the same thing with the term "shelter in place." All Hell seemed to be breaking loose in Boston just after the supposed bombing, and all three news stations were using that particular term that I don't ever remember hearing before that event.

Anyway, I saw the widow of the Latino cop come on the air just after someone made a statement in Spanish. She spoke in English with a definite Spanish accent. But when someone asked her to translate what she just said into Spanish, she couldn't do it and someone else did it for her. That seemed strange to me as well, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. But now I hear that both cops were involved in a live terrorism drill at the time of the shooting. And then there's the case of the Magical Shoelaces. Max Malone caught the fact that the shooter took a "selfie" of his blood spattered leg upon arriving in NYC, and he wasn't wearing shoelaces. In later photos, when his dead body was loaded onto an ambulance, he was wearing shoelaces! So, either the guy suddenly decided to put on shoelaces sometime after arriving in NYC and before killing himself, or this whole thing is a phony staged hoax just like a dozen or so hoaxes we've seen over the last few years. An evil hoax designed to rally hatred between cops and the people they are supposed to serve and protect.

Just saw this article on Twitter: BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Cop Killer Worked For Alleged Muslim Terror Front Group

Here's a video from ProfessorDoom1:

UPDATE: Here's some more info from Joe Biggs:

*** UPDATE ***
This guy has done a lot of good work on the NYPD shooting. Just thought I'd throw one of his videos up here.


Anonymous said...

It is two-fold in purpose. Cop hating and race hating. Both hate agendas have been being ardently promoted by the MSM and alternative "news" bloggers as well. Marxist/Communist treasonous controllers at work, even among alleged "truthers" to re-make America into a subverted, subjected, perverted, failed country.

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