Monday, June 4, 2012

Time to stop the torturers and murderers!

As I recall, one of the reasons Obama got elected was because he said he would end the wars and shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison. Well, the occupation of Iraq continues (under contractors), the war in Afghanistan has actually been scaled up, and drone strikes have increased 5 fold since the Bush era. Gitmo is still open for business, and admitted torturers and torture policy implementers are out hawking books and teaching at universities. Mainstream media news has been calling for Syrian leader Assad's head, but if you recall, not long ago the US was actually relying on Syria for torture outsourcing, which makes this blog post worth considering:
Does Syria Hold a Trump Card on the US?

Meanwhile, Obama asserts the right to drone attack anybody he wants to, including American citizens:

Is it any wonder I get discouraged from time to time? What can we do to shut down Gitmo, end these imperialist occupations and stop the torture once and for all? I pray God will send us some answers. This state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue.

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