Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny

I must have missed this one when it first came out. But make no mistake, I was on to the mainstream media's dishonest shilling a long time ago. The Zionist-controlled MSM has been goading the American public to attack Syria for some time, based on the same kind of shaky evidence that got us involved in Libya, Iraq, etc ...

Keep in mind that intervention in Syria brings us that much closer to confrontation with Iran, because they have agreed to a mutual defense pact. I'm tired of our once great country getting tricked into aggression with relatively defenseless countries overseas, aren't you? Because one of these days someone's going to call us on our bullying. Syria can't hurt us, but Iran (who hasn't done us any harm) is not exactly small potatoes (they can certainly put a damper on our oil supply) and they're backed by China and Russia. There is a God and there is a price to pay for being an imperialist bully. Believe me, you don't want to be there when that payment comes due.

Recent article from Justin Raimondo:
The Houla Hoaxsters

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