Friday, June 8, 2012

Before we get dragged into a new war ...

you might want to reflect on what happened on this date in 1967.


This headline is a lie. The actual death toll was 34, 171 wounded. We never went to war with Israel over this. I personally believe this incident was meant to be a false-flag event aimed at dragging us into Israel's war with Egypt at the time. It's only by the greatest of miracles this ship was not sunk and survivors lived to tell about how their clearly marked American ship was attacked by our supposed ally.

We are being lied to about Syria right now, to goad us into war. This opens the back door to war with Iran, which is just what the leaders of Israel want us to do. Don't fall for it. May God give peace and justice to the defenders of Liberty.

Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - The full story

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