Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog censorship? Not cool.

[UPDATE: Looks like Greg's blog is back up and running! Hurray! :) ]

One of the blogs I link to (Goon Squad) appears to have been removed. I'm kind of worried about why. I'll own that my politics are very anti-NeoCon and therefore very anti-Zionist. I have nothing against individual Jews and I try not to link to sites where I discern the anti-Israeli criticism stems from racial bias. It's kind of a blurry line but I don't think Greg Bacon crossed it. The fact is, people ought to be able to speak out against a political entity's policies, especially if they think that political entity is committing crimes against humanity.

Greg Bacon is an exceptional writer and he's done a lot to shine a light on some pretty shady stuff over the past few years. What's going on with your site, Greg? What can we do to support you?


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. The line is close but Greg always kept it fair. His criticisms were fact based and not hateful at all imho. Its one of the reasons he was so effective. The Feds will leave the hate sites up because they only discredit the message that Greg and others are trying to push. The simple truth.

John Friend said...

Bummer about Greg's blog... hopefully he's OK and is back at it soon. He always has great posts.

kenny said...

Greg got back to me and it looks like he was censored and taken down without warning.

Jody Paulson said...

Looks like he's back in the saddle! :)