Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What really happened in the Syrian town of Houla?

Some evil wretches are chomping at the bit to drop a little Depleted Uranium on Syria the way they did on Libya, in the name of stopping a massacre on innocent children. The question is, why would "brutal dictator" Assad kill a bunch of kids in his own country so that NATO gets the green light to remove him from power, opening the backdoor to war with Iran? Well, now we have proof that the Western Media, not only CNN this time but the "venerable" BBC is totally throwing fake propaganda at us, on the order of the fake incubator baby killings that helped launch the first Gulf War back in the early '90's.

Here's Northerntruthseeker's article, "Syrian Detour: LIARS In Media Caught Using Iraq Mass Grave Photo As Syria Propaganda." You might want to keep a paper bag nearby in case you have to puke.

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