Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bragging rights for being stupid and unjust.

Let's suppose for just a minute that Osama bin Laden really was killed a year ago. (He's been dead and gone a lot longer than that, but work with me here ...)

That means that Obama is acting like a hero for being stupid and unconstitutional. If they knew where bin Laden was, why didn't they take him alive? They've been torturing people in Guantanamo without due process for years now ... kind of doubt they have any intelligence value at this point ... and yet they're still being subjected to "enhanced interrogation techniques." Why the hell wouldn't they interrogate the undisputed *leader* of the organization they want so much information about? I mean, who else would have all the names, plans, locations, etc.?

Not only that, but in the United States, people are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. What Osama bin Laden was accused of committing was a crime. If you call it an act of war, you have to follow the Geneva conventions. Even the Nazis were given a trial.

But no, in the post 9-11 world, the Bushies decided to make up a "special" category of people called terrorists who are afforded no rights whatsoever: enemy combatants. So that makes it perfectly peachy to go around and assassinate whoever they want to.

Of course the real reason Osama was "knocked off" and flown several miles to be dumped into the ocean with no real proof it was the "real" Osama (except for a bunch of phony pictures and the assurance of our DNA analysts, trust us) is that he actually died a long time ago, but his image was still being used for scare mongering and as an excuse for staying in Afghanistan.

BTW, now that he's "officially dead" why are we still in Afghanistan ...?

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he left some dna to go with his porn collection.