Monday, February 20, 2012

Life of Illusion

Things are getting nuts.

Have you seen this stuff on CNN? I honestly believe some of these "news reports" from Syria are faked, as in the 1997 film "Wag the Dog." When you watch one of these reports, ask yourself, "does this make sense? How did they get this undaunted western woman there in the first place, when she's obviously trying to stir up Western sentiment against the regime?"

You know, I thought "al Qaeda" were our enemies ... how come Senators McCain and Graham want to fund them?

Two US Senators Call For Arming Syrian Opposition Filled With al Qaeda Terrorists

"This is essentially a military industrial complex psyop filled game where we first support 'terrorists' then attack them, and finally go on to support them once again.

"This deadly game continued in Libya and now seems set to commence in Syria as the war hawks set their eyes on an eventual attack on Iran."

I guess I was right about the drone war in Syria ... looks like its already started. What do you do when the inmates have taken over the asylum? I keep waiting for Allen Funt to step out of the shadows and make his reassuring appearance. He's long overdue.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- Orwell
"I saw that." -- God


kenny said...

Hey Jody, It's being rubbed in our face again and again isn't it?

We see it.

I saw young Joe Walsh with the James Gang and Barnstorm. Both bands were exceptional. Walsh's playing of a nylon string classical at the Grammy's the other night was the 'highlight' for me.

I think it was '71 and the opening act for the James Gang was newcomer Jackson Browne armed only with an acoustic guitar. He was booed off the stage, twice. Someone got up and warned us that if we didn't shut up the James Gang would not play. The crowd grumbled through Browne's set.

It was at a local college and the crowd was vocal but peaceful and fun. A classic rock moment.

ps, I'm having trouble with this new blogger word verification. I've missed the secret word 5 times already.

Jody Paulson said...

Hi Kenny, thanks for dropping by! You left two nearly identical comments, I'll just publish the first one. I hate this new word verification program, too.