Thursday, February 16, 2012

America is an over-extended empire

And, like all over-extended empires, it's about to crumble.

Most Americans don't realize America is an empire, like Great Britain during Victorian times and Rome during, well, the Roman empire, but it is. It's an economic empire, and it works kind of like this.

I've been talking about Iran's threat to dollar hegemony for years. Now here's this story: Iran presses ahead with dollar attack

No wonder we're hearing so much war mongering from the Mainstream Media! The last countries to threaten the dollar's status as the reserve currency were Libya and Iraq, and we all know what happened to those guys.

Don't be fooled by the scare-mongering being done by the Mainstream Media. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Please read GW's excellent post: Who Carried Out the Terrorist Car Bombings in India, Thailand and Georgia? Iran … Or Someone Else?

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