Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is the world being run by morally compromised, Satanic pedophiles?

I know how shocking and "paranoid" that headline sounds, but I did resolve to spread the truth this year, and this is yet another item that, like the UFO I saw and my interest in reincarnation, I've kind of been suppressing to try to make my blog more "political" and less "woo-woo" ... if you know what I mean. :)

But like the UFO and reincarnation, I have personal experience with this topic. I'd rather not talk about it because by its nature the subject matter is extremely complex, delicate, and explosive. It'd be opening a huge can of worms for me, and of course that's why no one else talks about it either. But think about it. One way to control people is to hold something over them. Sexual blackmail has been going on a long time. There's a reason the D.C. Madam kept a list of her clients. There's a hell of a lot of power in those lists. There's a reason the governor of New Jersey hired an Israeli (rumored to have been working for the Mossad) to head up that state's homeland security. There's a reason for the endless parade of republican gay sex scandals. There's a reason the politically powerful Yale fraternity "Skull and Bones" reportedly includes sexually compromising practices in its initiation rites. It's a form of control.

When the James Guckert/Jeff Gannon fake White House reporter scandal came out, I really dove into it. And it turned out that this guy was in the middle of everything! There were rumors (which I believe) that Guckert was actually kidnapped paperboy Johnny Gosch, who is strongly linked to the Franklin Cover-up pedophile scandal. Gannon was strongly linked with the Valerie Plame scandal (remember the "yellow-cake uranium lie" that got us into the Gulf War? The Plame scandal had to do with Karl Rove, Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney getting back at Plame's husband that outed that particular lie ... so Scooter Libby outed a CIA operative and her whole operation, which is an act of treason ...). Gannon was given special access inside the White House that wasn't always recorded properly ... to do what? He was a working male prostitute at the time! His boss at Talon News, Bobby Eberle, just happened to be one of the witnesses that saw a plane hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. Gannon was even connected to a group of people who worked at Abu Ghraib, including Nick Berg (remember the guy who got his head cut off by terrorists? A lot of people, including myself, think that video was faked). The thing about Guckert/Gannon is that it was an extremely titillating story with a great deal of import, but at a certain point it was suddenly dropped from the mainstream press like a hot potato. It was just too hot to handle. What does that tell you? Just how powerful are the people who were behind Guckert/Gannon?

Anyway, hat tip to John Friend's website and a commenter's list of links to check out about this fascinating, but extremely disconcerting, subject:


Anonymous said...

I think it's the only rational conclusion that can be drawn. Needs to be repeated and widely discussed.

Anonymous said...

Yess it is.

If you don't believe me.

Listen to William Cooper's Mystery Babylon series videos on youtube.

This work got William Cooper Murdered.


The best and deepest research material i've ever known about the Satanists that run the world.

Anonymous said...

Ty Jdoy for the piece on the world being compromised by Satanic Pedophiles.

P.S Almost forgot a must listen,The Kay Griggs Interviews.

Who is Kay Griggs?

Kay Griggs was wife US Marines Corps Colonial George Griggs.


Seen 1st hand the Sexual Blackmail that goes on in the Military.

Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Berg decapitation video!

The first bloodless beheading in history. Lots of bullshit videos purporting to show Berg's "killing".

Anyone have a good link? Thanks.

Jody Paulson said...

Re: Nick Berg

He actually worked on the towers at Abu Ghraib. It certainly looks like the "beheading" was filmed there -- the chair Berg was sitting in is identical to chairs shown at Abu Ghraib. And why is he wearing an orange jumpsuit??? Ironically, the beheading was one of the news items that pushed Abu Ghraib from the front pages. And do some research into a guy named Aziz al-Taee (aka "Joe Aziz"). He's the link between Gannon and Nick Berg ... I think he was the last one to see Berg alive.