Saturday, August 1, 2020

Jesus sends out the 72?

I've written about the "Mandela Effect" many times on this blog. This morning, I looked at my Bible which happened to be open to Luke chapter 10. I've read the Gospel many times and I'm pretty sure that was always "the 12," as in the 12 disciples. I saw some other things in the previous chapter that I don't remember at all. I haven't looked much farther beyond that, because it kinds of weirds me out ... I've had that Bible for a long time and it's kind of disturbing to see it change like that. An often cited "Mandela Effect" is the part about the Lion laying down with the Lamb, which apparently has changed for many people. Just a heads up.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jody,
You did not say which version of the Bible you are reading.

In Luke chapter 10, it is the 70, not "72" as you wrote above. the NKJV is the closest to the original Koine Greek:

Yes, there are twelve apostles, and yes, there are an additional 70 original disciples.

In the book of Titus, for example, Artemas is one of the 70.

It might help you to have an Orthodox Study Bible, so at least you will have the closest English version to the original:

On the Orthodox Christian calendar, each of the 70 is commemorated on their own feast days.

Have you noticed how Protestants, who claim to be "sola scriptura", use a Rothschild paid- for fraudulent Bible, and have no idea that the Church in this world, established by Christ on the day of Pentecost still exists? It did not die out. It has been there all along, not the newly invented churches of the western world.

With resources available today, there is no excuse for anyone to not know this and to persist in a contentious, false, theology based on a program to undermine the already heretical Latin Roman Catholic world church with it's Pope.

Of the original five Patriarchates, there are still four which are Orthodox Christian: the Church of the seven ecumenical councils, the Church established by Christ.

If you read the book of John, you will be told not to worry or fear over and over, quoting Christ Himself. Fear is the opposite of Love. God is Love.


Jody Paulson said...

Laskarina, I've never even heard of those books you're telling me about. I got the Bible I have at home from the Methodist Church. But I've read it before, and I just don't remember those passages! :o