Saturday, February 4, 2017

Peekay Truth needs your help

People who live near Melbourne Australia:
"I need peoples support to turn up to Sunshine Magistrates Court Monday 6th Feb at 9:00 AM with a camera as very likely media will be there and i need people to take their own footage so they cant lie." -- Peekay Truth (youtuber)

As you can see from my penultimate post, Peekay was forced to take down his videos exposing the Melbourne car attack in Australia. I guess he made a video after that saying that he was being silenced but it looks like he had to take that down as well. I don't know what's going on, but I'm sure he could use our support.

This is one of the ways they "shut up" real journalists. I've learned a lot over the past few days from a youtuber named George Webb. Mr. Webb is one of those people with a very broad understanding of how DynCorp is farming human beings by toppling states and using the population for organ harvesting, sex slaves, mining, and selling vaccines. Certain nefarious people also use NGO ("non-government" organization) "charities" for money laundering.

Anyway, George Webb is very good at describing, very succinctly, certain things that I've heard about over the years that I never had a name or a term for. Here he is describing "Diffuse and disrupt programs" which ultimately destroyed the lives of journalists Michael Ruppert and Gary Webb to the point of suicide (if you can believe that Gary Webb shot himself in the head *twice*). Check out this video at around the 6:20 mark, and this video at around the 3:30 mark. There is little doubt in my mind that Peekay is being subjected to organized harassment attacked by people like this.

There are other terms that I learned from George Webb that describe things I knew about but didn't have a verbal handle for.
So try googling:

"Brownstone operations" (Setting up politicians for blackmail by videotaping them in compromising positions ... like the basement of those D.C. pizzerias).

"Survellience Role Playing"

"Top Secret America" book by Dana Priest


He even made news on the "Daily Fail":



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this information on Peekay's persecution.

Let's be frank and just say that this is a blatant Mossad/IDF operation since Peekay already had exposed their role in the latest of the Jew hoaxes to scare the sheep into hating people that the Jews want to wipe out, in their quest for theft of anything of value in the world.

I am disgusted that most of the so-called "truthers" have not mirrored all his videos, or come out in his defense. Peekay's family has been attacked as well, and received disturbing phone calls from Jews, as if they have the wooer to tell people what they can do or not. This also happened to many truth tellers like Zundel, and countless others. Arthur Topham was taken to court as well.

What is of great concern is that the "authorities" want to ad minister a psyche eval on him. This is pure Soviet/1984 tactic that the self chosen have been using for decades. They used on Ezra Pound and Eustace Mullins too. It's ironic when one considers the sick sexual mutilation they inflict on their own male infants and anyone stupid enough to go along with it.

They are after anyone who really tells truth, not the phonies that are pretending to put out information.

Thanks again for being one of the few who stands for decency.


Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment and when the "captcha" came up, it showed an image of an Israeli Road sign warning,so I completed the request, then when I clicked "publish your comment", my comment was deleted.

Basically, I wanted to express my thanks for supporting Peekay, as most in the so-called truth community don;t have the courage.

Thanks again.


Jody Paulson said...

Laskarina: I feel the need to make it clear that I don't hate Jews. As a collective, I suppose I trust them as much as Native Americans ought to have trusted white people over the centuries, for the simple fact that it's embedded in their culture that they are somehow "chosen by God" to claim land other people are living on. But I've met many people of Jewish descent who are, as individuals, good people.

That being said, what's going on in Israel right now is unconscionable, and all decent human beings need to expose criminal activity wherever it comes from.

Iian Van Dyke said...

Most of the so-called truth movement is run by government operatives.You will learn more as you grow.