Monday, February 20, 2017

Just for laughs ... Don Lemon snaps at notion he is "fake news"

The hypocrisy is strong in this one! :) Thanks to Really Graceful, please subscribe to her channel.

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Anonymous said...

there are 48 hours of 911 tape from a call from Wayne Martin
who called the Waco PD/McLennan County 911 Dispatch center on
28 Feb 93...they are available on the Internet

then, as the ADL/ATF ran out of AMMO, and left the Church/Day Care
"CULT COMPOUND" the (((MEDIA))) told the most outrageous lies
on behalf of the MASS MURDERERS who used Military Equipment
allegedly "serve a Warrant" for VERNON HOWELL...

the ADL/ATF claimed they were "AMBUSHED" while the 3 Helicopters
played in Apocalypse Now...!

FAKE NEWS kills CHILDREN...and women & Old Men
and is in direct violation of the 9th Commandment

but hey, 2 legged snakes gots to make that filthy lucre
so they can help fund the stool sculpture deity cult
comp[ound in Palestine