Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Can this country afford another Bush or Clinton in office?

I couldn't help but laugh at Bush's disastrous choice of a campaign slogan yesterday -- "Jeb can fix it!" The first thing I thought about (I follow a lot of British people on Twitter) was Jimmy Savile, the evil center of a BBC/Royal/Government pedophile scandal in the UK. He had a TV show called "Jim'll fix it." And I immediately thought of the Franklin Pedophile scandal in the US, where Jeb's dad's name comes up quite a bit.

But, more obvious to American audiences with a memory that reaches back at least 15 years, is Jeb's huge role as Florida governor in securing his brother's election to the presidency. This was really the event that woke me up politically. I held my nose and voted for Gore, and waited all night on election day for the results to come in. Florida was called early for Gore -- all the exit polls said he'd won, then things started to change. As the night progressed, all the news stations said, "our bad, we're calling it for Bush." And I just couldn't believe it. I didn't get any sleep that night, and in the end Gore decided to fight. I don't think we found out who actually "won" until January. There's no way Dubya would have won that fateful election without Jeb's help. We all know where that led.

What a lot of people don't know about is the Clinton's involvement with drug smuggling in Arkansas. I just found a video on Portland Indymedia and thought I'd put this out there to let you all know what stories have been surrounding that treacherous pair for years.

I don't know what to do about this situation, and I'm not offering any solutions right now. But this country can't afford either of these crime families to continue their criminal activity.

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