Wednesday, November 11, 2015

10 Shocking Realities of the TPP; Join The Revolt

[Found this article on Portland Indymedia]

Finally, the text of the TPP has been released. It is not as bad as we expected – it is worse.

TPP No economic justice without trade justiceNow we see why the US Trade Representative and President Obama initially made a deal to keep the TPP secret for four years after it was ratified. If it had not been for a very aggressive fight against fast track trade authority, in which hundreds of thousands of people participated, we would not be seeing the text. One of the compromises made in order to get just enough votes to pass fast track was to agree to release the text publicly for 60 days before the President signs it.

Why did they want to keep it secret? Because they knew that if the people saw the text, it had much less chance of becoming law.

[Click here for the original article at Popular Resistance]

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