Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dr. Masaru Emoto Water Blessing at Lake Pontchartrain

It might be argued that this video belongs on my other blog, "the Lighter Side of Jody" but not enough people go there, and the Mainstream Media is NOT telling you how bad the world's water situation is.

But we don't have to sit back helplessly! Research Dr. Emoto's scientific experiments demonstrating the physical effect of human intentions on water. There is a visible difference between blessed water and water that has not been blessed. Right now fish all over the world are inexplicably dying. If there's anything we can do about it, I want to share it. So here's another esoteric video from someone who believes:


Anaughty Mouser said...


"The shaman people that inhabited North and South America prior to its brutal Anglo-European takeover built a vast and organized civilization. They lived in structured societies that were democratic and very connected with spirituality and nature. There was very little sickness and they had medicinal plants for every condition which were far superior to today’s pharmaceuticals. The indigenous people were extremely happy, things like depression, mental illness, crime or greed were not nearly as prevalent in their culture, as is seen in ours.

...the kind of mass violence seen in the west was certainly not present. There were many different tribes scattered throughout North and South America...it was literally a whole new world inhabited by a vast network of societies each with their own unique culture.

One common myth about the native people is that they had no respect for property rights or trade. In reality native cultures had complex systems of trade which even included various currencies, using anything from shells to animal pelts...

To say that there was just one civilization here before colonization began would be a disservice to the diverse culture of the pre-Columbus Americas. Making the generalization that every tribe in that hemisphere was the same would be like saying that Canada, Mexico and the United States had identical cultures today.

Contrary to the Europeans claims that the Americas were a vast uninhabited wilderness*, there was actually a massive native population that numbered in the hundreds of millions**.

Traces of this large population seemed easy enough to destroy at first, considering the natives put a great deal of care into making as little an impact on their environment as possible. However, as time passes archaeologists are continuing to uncover evidence that the pre-Columbus civilizations were much more advanced and populated then the historical record tells us."

* The Balfour letter was based on Palestine being a few Arab tribes in an otherwise empty desert.

** In ca 1550 Egypt had 6 million inhabitant, now is 80 million. The 85 million slaughtered indigenous Americans would now be half a billion.

We Anglo-Europeans killed a beautiful culture living in harmony with nature and each other instead of learning from it. The polluted, debased, violent and corrupt American culture of today is what we have achieved.

Shut it all down and let the continent and the world heal. We failed miserably through greed and usury. Our continent is a toilet and our families and our relation with Gaia and God are broken.

Greg Bacon said...

To me, there's no mystery about fish dying all over the world.

We've been dumping various poisons, waste, sewerage and other chemical concoctions into the water for centuries, it's a wonder the fish have survived this long.

Jody Paulson said...

Points well taken, Mouser and Greg. It's really depressing when you think about it. Now I hear on the news a bunch of stuff about dolphins dying. I imagine in many ways dolphins and whales are smarter than people. At least they know better than to destroy their own means of sustenance.