Friday, August 16, 2013

Cynthia Papermaster: day 63 of her hunger strike in solidarity w/Gitmo prisoners

Cynthia Papermaster is a friend of mine. We've carried a lot of signs and stuffed a lot of envelopes together. She may be the most stubborn person I know, and believe me, that's saying something! Fortunately for humanity, she directs that stubbornness into fighting evil things. When Bush was in office, she was *the* go-to woman for getting him impeached. She must have sent thousands of letters to help war protesters in Canada. Now she's on day 63 of a 300-calorie a day fast. I'm posting a picture of her on her 32rd day of her fast, and a picture that looks like the woman I remember. People with that kind of dedication don't come around everyday. Please visit her website and help her cause.

Berkeley woman on day 47 of fast for Guantánamo

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