Monday, November 12, 2012

You have to ask the central questions.

A lot of freaky stuff is coming out these days, and I'm starting to see a pattern in how the media is dealing with these "revelations." They take these potentially very revealing events, isolate them from everything else by building obfuscating fences around them, ever after talking endlessly in circles (most recent example: the Petraeus resignation). They want you to get lost in the forest for the trees. Instead of climbing up to high ground to get a view of the whole forest, they want you to focus on an insect crawling around in the bark.

It's true that everything is connected -- some things more than others. Some things are like threads to a homemade sweater -- if you keep pulling, eventually the whole thing comes unraveled. I remember the Jeff Gannon story was a lot like that. It was a strange and seemingly inconsequential thing, until you started pulling at it. And pulling at it. The scandal was just getting hot and juicy when the MSM slammed the lid on it, because it very quickly started delving into forbidden territory. Like the Franklin child sex ring scandal. An eye-witness to a "plane" crashing in the Pentagon. Torture at Abu Ghraib. I can closely connect Gannon to all these things. Late night trysts at the White House? Sleepovers with Tony Blair? Why didn't the media do its job???

One thing I like about the Twelfth Bough is that A. Peasant thinks to ask the big questions, like, "How is it possible, in this age of no privacy, for a super famous guy over the course of decades to get away with what Jimmy Savile has done?" Of couse the answer is Savile is not alone, the entire BBC and Scotland Yard and the British Government -- hell, the World Government, is crawling with slime balls just like him. It's a horrifying thing to contemplate, so people allow their focus to be contained. But we'll never get out of the forest that way. It's time to see the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

you just can't stress that point too emphatically....

dirty birds


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember innocence? Chastity? Childhood? Thanks for courageous superpeople like here.