Monday, November 12, 2012

Sandy: Bad LSD Trip for the Middle Class-Abandoned By FEMA- Raw Survival Below Freezing

[Here's a post from Portland Indymedia by a regular contributor called "rAT". This is exactly why I advocate getting prepared for natural/economic disasters. The government isn't on our side, folks. In the end we're going to have to help each other out ourselves.]

Welcome to Nassau County, Long Island. One of the nicest, blue/white collar middle-class areas on the now battered East Coast. This is the original 50's "Leave It To Beaver" land, the beta prototype for every Mall, strip-mall, and cookie-cutter dream-home in America. The fabled land of Betty & Veronica, muscle cars, manicured lawns and good schools. These are the people politicians are always trying to appeal to. Why? Because these are the people that pay the largest burden of taxes in the entire nation. Nassau County taxes people to DEATH for everything. It BLEEDS them everytime they turn around. Just going to the beach can cost you $20. Without lunch. Free parking is a fairytale from long ago. Property taxes are beyond Earth orbit. These are the families that supplied all those kids for Vietnam and didn't whine when so many came home in a box. These are the people who grew up poor in the 1930's, that slaved in boring jobs day after day to pay their mortgages and send their kids through college. Many in defense plants. They're patriotic. They bought a new car every ten years. They loved Elvis and JFK. They were/are the lifeblood of the country in many ways. They are catered to by the media as bright, educated NEW YORKERS. Nobody's fools. They switch party allegiance when they like a candidate. They think for themselves a lot more than the elite give them credit for, and take television "suburbia" shows with a big grain of salt. So you would think that FEMA, Northcom, and The Red Cross would be all over the place restoring power and distributing batteries, food, blankets, and medical assistance to the hundreds of thousands who still have zero electricity in freezing, wet weather. The latest blizzard (and that's what it is, though the MSM plays it down) has crippled the entire area. Huge swaths of Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey are just annihilated. Total devastation. Frozen garbage everywhere. The media is not really covering the true crazy story as regular everyday citizens cope with loose power lines, frozen water mains, blocked roads, closed stores,roads, etc. It's beginning to look like the siege of Stalingrad. DHS and FEMA have sucked up hundreds of millions in taxpayer money and poured it into useless "security measures" at airports, etc. feeling up Grannies and kids, and wasteful "continuity of government" construction projects so they can all be comfy when the shit really hits the fan. When the chips are down, even the so-called backbone of the nation is left flailing and fending for themselves in a situation just as scary and dangerous as Katrina's aftermath. Where's the Calvary? Even the TV Magazine shows were asking "Can't we do better?" Donald Trump is ready to give Obama $5 million for charity for some stunt, but his relief efforts amounted to re-opening his ugly casinos. First things first. Obama took political advantage of the situation and Christie fell for being his campaign foil in a brilliant media stunt just days before the election. But you'll never see Obama squishing through the sleet in Bethpage or Farmingdale these days. It's going to take YEARS to put these areas back together again as it is. Forcing the poorer inhabitants to go into raw survival mode while the affluent go camping in Florida is a mean trick. All those celebritocracy types bragging about their telethons and fundraisers, yet only one, Lady Gaga, has donated a cool million for relief. All these TV/Film jerkoffs have BILLIONS and they're patting themselves on the back for asking US for dough. Go figure. The moral of all this is simply that the Middle Class is just as completely expendable to the globalist mind as the dirt poor. It's like a bad acid trip for many people, but even a bad trip can wake you up to some strong truth. We're ALL in New Orleans in the long run.

[Note at the bottom of the discussion comments "rAT" talks about "Occupy Sandy" and posts a photo of this new group. Check it out!]

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