Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, was it worth it?

Yesterday's election was the most expensive in US history. It's estimated that the amount of money spent on TV ads alone exceeded $1 billion dollars.

I always find it hard to wrap my head around numbers like that, so I looked up this website and found that, if you gave people a twenty dollar bill to feed themselves for a day, you could feed 50 million people that way. I bet there's a lot of cold, hungry people on Staten Island that could use that money right now.

I wonder how the cost of ads exploiting the Big Bird "flap" compare to the actual amount of money the government sets aside for PBS -- a paltry $445 million. Imagine how much $1 billion could have been used for educating people instead of spinning lies and spreading pointless propaganda.

But I guess money *can* buy elections. California just voted to keep themselves in ignorance about whether or not they're eating genetically modified foods. I think that's pretty sick, but they were easily persuaded by the finest lies money can buy.

There oughta be a law -- big money out of elections. But how do you change things when big money already owns our government?

One billion dollars in hundred dollar bills. All spent on the boob tube for this election.

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Anonymous said...

That criminal syndicate might be "your" government, pal, but it ain't mine.