Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wake up call

Shortly after my last post, the electricity cut out in the library and we were all herded into the basement for a tornado warning. Fortunately, it was only a severe storm, but it knocked out power for most of the town and the library was closed for a few days. I'm sure there were quite a few people in town who wish they had a generator and adequate food stores for this occasion -- all the stores and restaurants were closed down for some time, and there are *still* people who don't have power in my area, and have to suffer through a record heat wave. I myself was left rather nonplussed when they kicked us out of the library after it finished raining. Would the bus still be running? How the hell am I going to get home?

It was a severe reminder of how much each and every one of us rely on each other, the grid, and basic civilization. I consider it a huge blessing for this area, because I'm sure a lot more people will be better prepared for when a *real* catastrophe hits, which I see as inevitable. There are such things as EM Pulse weapons that can wipe out the electric grid for keeps. I'm pretty glad I had some extra food stores waiting for me at home when I finally got back from the library, I would have gone hungry a few days without it. Of course there's a limit as to what I can store in a motel room! :) For those of you who missed it, here's an article that lists the items that disappear first during a disaster. You might want to get them ahead of time!

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