Friday, July 20, 2012

I See a Dark (K)Night Rising ...

Well, well, well, what a coincidence. Only a few miles away from Columbine high school we have another lone nut, who was obviously very clever and well-informed (or at least very lucky) to have come bursting in at the exact time during a premiere movie so as to cause the maximum amount of confusion (during a violent gunshot portion of the movie), who caused even more confusion by using tear gas, and of course the whole place was dark, but immediately the authorities "just know" there was only one person involved (Manchurian Candidate type instances usually have handlers around, or use real professional killers whose handiwork is blamed on a patsy, to make sure things go down the way they are supposed to). And the movie just happened to be the premiere of one of the most widely anticipated movies of the year, already suspected to be connected with the Illuminati, Batman's Dark Knight Rising.

see: The Dark Knight - an Illuminati subliminal mindf**k!

Secrets of Dark Knight Rising: Batman Blockbuster or Illuminati Mind Control Psy Op?

Are we going to have to go through TSA-type searches just to go to the movies now?

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Anonymous said...

Someone pointed out that it was 13 years and 3 months to the day since Columbine.