Monday, July 23, 2012

More on the Batman Shooting

Forgive me for being a bit fixated on something that was obviously meant to be a major distraction. When something like this hits the news, you can be sure something ultimately much more important is taking place behind the scenes. But what can I say? Probably for personal reasons, MK Ultra, Manchurian Candidate type stuff fascinates me, and what went down (or *didn't* go down) in Aurora fascinates me.

I'm not a big Batman fan, but I was surprised when I discovered through a comment at VC that Batman's parents were actually killed outside the Monarch Movie Theatre. Here's what this site has to say about the Monarch Theatre: "While originally named after the Monarch Playing Card Company; a name of the factory which contributed to Joker's birth in 1951, and used to contribute to the nature of Batman and the Joker being mirror images of each other for the film, the theatre became a prominant part of Batman's origin mythos for the comics and games."

Of course, "Monarch Programming" is an extension of MK Ultra, which is an umbrella term used for the "mind control" programs conducted by the CIA.

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A crazed gunman kills three in a theater in the 1986 comic “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.” Note the red (as opposed to green) hair:

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