Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Strange things I've seen in the sky

"Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." -- Maori Proverb

A lot of weird stuff happens to me that I never mention on this blog, though I suppose I should -- after all it's titled "What They Don't Tell You." It's not as if this stuff is irrelevant to others. I guess I'm worried my first-hand testimony might wreck my credibility on other things that can be fact-checked and corroborated by outside sources, like the easily deduced truth that the Mainstream Media is lying to you about 9-11. But you know, there's a big difference between me and the MSM --the MSM is telling you what to think, and I'm telling you to think for yourself. Andre Gide once said, "Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it."

A couple days ago I wrote that I've personally witnessed chemtrails and weird cloud formations in the sky. At the risk of straining credibility, I'll add that I've also seen something that appeared to use holographic technology. Something that looked like a "black triangle" UFO (google it!) -- then it turned into a low flying jet plane. A silent low flying jet plane. Is that what I really saw? I don't know. Maybe I was hypnotized into seeing it. I'm just reporting my perceptions. IMO, I don't think I was hallucinating. But that's not why I'm telling you this ... I'm not trying to to get you to believe in whatever it was that I saw, I'm trying to get you to pay attention to the sky.

All this stuff happened a few years ago; I haven't mentioned it for the reason I've stated. When I lived in San Francisco I was walking near Mission Street and I looked up and saw something that looked very much like this. There was a hispanic guy ambling close by, so I trotted up to him and said, "look up there! Do you see that? What do you suppose that is?" He looked up and acknowledged that it was indeed strange, but he couldn't say what it was (I don't think he spoke English that well), shrugged his shoulders, and ambled away, as if I'd just showed him a kitten with six toes. Strange, maybe, but entirely irrelevant to his life.

At least he reacted better than the elderly couple I met at the Fort Wayne mall. I was at the doorway and was absolutely flabbergasted at the number of chemtrails in the sky. I saw a couple coming out and I just had to get their reaction. "Look at that," I said pointing, in a concerned yet reasonable tone of voice. "What do you suppose that is?" The couple looked at each other as if I were crazy. "Well, it's the trails left behind by some jets, I imagine," said the guy, and he and his wife hustled off into the parking lot, as if I'd just asked for spare change.

Now, I know what contrails are and I know what they look like. When I was a kid I used to lay back on the grass and watch the thin white lines slowly evaporate into a deep blue sky within minutes of being formed by a plane. They didn't stick around long enough to form multiple X's, nor did they plume into oily-looking clouds that threatened to white out the entire sky.

I know I seem like a flake to most people, but I honestly try to stay grounded most of the time. I simply give more weight to my own perceptions than I do to "groupthink" than I suppose is normal in human society. There's a reason people like me exist. I like to think I'm the zebra that sees the lion first, and calls to warn the others. I might be more jumpy and excitable than most zebras, but every herd could use a lookout, right? Keep looking up.

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