Saturday, January 7, 2012

Iranians want to be our friends

Seeing this on reminded me of other recent presentations I've seen about Iranians, such as this show by travel guru Rick Steves, some satirical interviews from Jason Jones on the Daily Show, and a travel video made by one of my friends in Code Pink. They all depict Iranians as about the sweetest, most hospitable people on the planet, whose lives are surprisingly similar to Americans. I've done a lot of traveling, and while Americans are also extremely hospitable, they are probably the most clueless of all "civilized populations" as far as knowledge about other nations. It pains me to know how most Americans imagine Iranians to be a bunch of terrorists. It angers me that we never get to see the good side of foreigners unless we're allowed to see it ... the only images we're ever presented of Iranians are old pictures of hostage-takers, flag-burners and stern-faced ayatollahs. Fear stems from ignorance. If only Americans could see how much these people are like them, I don't think we'd have anything to fear ...

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kenny said...

So true Jody

Our enemies are internal. They are 'us.'

Anonymous said...

They want to be our friends, do they? After what they've seen the usa has done to Iraq, why would they WANT to be our friends? Are you really serious? You shouldn't insult such an ancient culture that way. Its unbecoming, but typically very "american-esque". After the UNFORGIVABLE ATROCITIES committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, to try and convince me that anyone would actually want to befriend us is pathetic and tripe. Very stunted.

Jody Paulson said...

Kenny, I totally agree that our biggest enemy in the United States are our own corrupted "leaders" that stem from a thoroughly corrupted system. As long as big money rules politics, there's no where else to go but down. The system will kill itself, the question is, who will it take with it?

Which brings me to your comment, Anonymous. I make a clear distinction between people and governments. I came of age in the 1980's, and while I abhorred the Soviet government, I really liked and respected the people and their culture. I really did want to be their friend. I truly believe that's how the Iranians view us.