Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy Farmlands

I saw this post on Portland Indymedia, and I believe this could be the next big step in the Occupy Movement, after taking back foreclosed homes:
Most of us know little or nothing about how our daily lives effect the planet and cause the problems both environmentally and politically. Taking to the streets is important and a great step towards the culture shift needed. Lets move into Occupy Farmlands. Getting ourselves practiced in the ways of local food and economy is vital.

I moved to a farm 6 years ago. Dropped my corporate job, sold what I could of my belongings and went for it. I have found such beauty in the simple farm life. Making food from my and my neighbors gardens is not only better tasting, it supports the people and practices I want to support.

I spent time trying to bring the system down from inside. I spent time trying to tell people to change. Then I did something awesome. I CHANGED!

We must get control over the basics we need to thrive. Food, water, energy and community are just a few blocks away from all of us. When the elite control the basics we need to survive they have the power. Connect with your tribe. Build the infrastructure that we need to replace the crumbling system in which we currently reside. We have no more time to consider change. We must do it now no matter what our "leaders" say is important.

Resist, Revolt, Rebuild........

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Anonymous said...

Think you're absolutely correct. I've slowly come to understand Willie Nelson's focus on the farm community: it's the foundation of our society. If it's dominated by banking interests, we all suffer in sundry ways. If it is in the hands of real people, we all benefit.

This article is real food for thought for the OWS crowd in terms of how the economy should work: It's About America (

Maguerite Coogan's book The Money Creators details how the banksters manipulate supplies and prices to the benefit of themselves and no one else. First the farms, then the rest of the nation.

We need to get over our squeamishness in discussing who's to blame. A remarkable new short text on that topic is available here:

Peace and victory!