Friday, February 4, 2011

Weird weather

I've been away from the computer for the last few days because of the storm ... I found this video interesting because I know as a former Geography major that residential areas tend to be *warmer* than outlying areas (you know, the urban heat island effect?) and this guy's radar was showing residential areas actually attracting snowstorms. Included in those residential areas was Beebe, Arkansas (remember the New Year's falling birds?). Anyway, just thought it was interesting.

Just a head's up for those who don't know: the Mubarak's appointed Vice President, Omar Suleiman, was the CIA's go-to guy on torture. They tortured a guy named al-Libi to "confess" a connection between al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and WMD's (which of course later turned out to be a lie). This confession was then used to justify the US invasion of Iraq, a war crime if ever there was one. So don't think everything will be all rosy if the Egyptians kick out Mubarak and leave this guy to run things in the interim.

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