Friday, February 18, 2011

Protester roughed up while Hilary Clinton talks about free speech

You gotta see this:

As Hillary Talks About Tolerating Free Expression, Police in Front of Her Brutalize Ray McGovern for Turning His Back

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ChewyBees said...

Hi Jody, I didn't know where to put this so I'll throw it under Hillary vid. I read on the Les Visible blog: "They say that matter is really trapped energy. What if fear is really trapped love?" An interesting concept, one I had not approached in that matter. I've been thinking a bit about the properties of the yin yang, and how so often it is used to represent duality, without considering the whole. I think this statement might touch on that, but I'll have to give it some contemplation. Thank you for teaching me. One of my favorite views of the yin yang is as the teach / learn cycle, which I garnered from the Law of One: Book 1. Anyway, I'll give your blog some attention, though I can't say on what timeframe. Perhaps you will hear from me again the future. Thanks again - ChewyBees.