Saturday, April 5, 2008

Take Action April 11


Join us in action on every eleventh... until justice
Find an action or list yours here

Video by Bruno of We Are Change LA
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

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Styve said...

Hey Jody,
Don't know how else to contact you, but thought you should know about Yoo's appearance at an event in Berkeley, 4/14. From Glenn Greenwald's blog...

(4) Speaking of events, John Yoo will be appearing at his first one since disclosure of his latest Memorandum embracing torture, presidential omnipotence and (by reference) the suspension of the Fourth Amendment. On April 14, at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley, he'll be appearing at a Berkeley Law School event to participate in a discussion of "the intersection between privacy and national security law." Even now, he's a highly respected member of the academy and treated as one of our nation's great experts on Constitutional matters and presidential power. It would seem like a good opportunity for those with strong views about his conduct to attend and express those views.

Hit me with a note sometime so I have an email address to send you timely stuff...mine is