Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spraying the people

The California Department of Food and Agriculture wants to spray San Francisco (they aren't going to spray any actual agriculture, mind you, just the populated areas) with an untested chemical that hangs around for as much as 30 days (in plastic "microcapsules") to "eradicate" the light brown apple moth. Excuse me, how are you going to wipe out an insect without targeting the places that you say you want to protect from it? Experts say the light brown apple moth is only a minor pest, and it's so widespread it would be impossible to get rid of it anyway. What the hell are these guys trying to put over on us?

This has already been done to other cities in California, including Monterey. It has caused serious health problems, including sending this guy's baby boy to the emergency room:

One woman reported the day after spraying, half the rabbits she was raising were found dead in their hutch. WTF? There are much better, tested ways of targeting the moth, like twist ties. Why are they doing this? As you can imagine, San Franciscans are pretty outraged.

But you know what? This nation as a whole has been sprayed without our knowledge or consent for quite some time. Check out this video:

(Note: I've already posted a video this blog from one CBS affiliate that actually *has* reported on chemtrails -- )

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