Monday, November 5, 2007

We've got to stop voting for the lesser evil

Yesterday, Cindy Sheehan, I and other Code Pinkers, and various activists went to Dianne Feinstein's house and staged an event much like this one in D.C. -- the difference being that Dianne Feinstein actually saw the one in D.C.! Here's the video:

As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I actually met with Dianne Feinstein after fasting at her house several days. The first thing I did after shaking her hand was thank her for calling for the closure of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Senator Feinstein was actually quite responsive to a letter I wrote her about the horrifying experience of a renditioned torture victim -- I know she actually cares about this issue. I think I know why she's voting to confirm Mukasey ... they probably got some sort of "deal" out him about putting an end to waterboarding, but giving grandfather clause free-passes to those who have practiced this evil up until now. She's probably afraid that if Mukasey doesn't get confirmed, Bush will put in somebody worse during a recess appointment.

A caller on the Stephanie Miller show (of all places!) made a good point -- Bush would *never* appoint anybody who would say that waterboarding was torture, because that would identify Bush with war crimes. So is Mukasey the best we can get???

Why can't we just impeach this bastard and not go on recess until we've cleared house???

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